Local Sheriff reacts to new weapons law

Gov. Doug Burgum signed a bill into law loosening restrictions on the state’s conceal and carry laws. House Bill 1169 would allow lawful gun owners to conceal and carry a firearm without a permit.

By COLE BENZ | Editor

Gov. Doug Burgum signed a bill into law loosening restrictions on the state’s conceal and carry laws. House Bill 1169 would allow lawful gun owners to conceal and carry a firearm without a permit. The bill, dubbed the ‘constitutional carry’ bill, would allow individuals who aren’t otherwise prohibited from having a Class 2 conceal weapons permit, and have carried a valid North Dakota driver’s license or state issued identification card for one year, to be allowed to conceal and carry a firearm, with no permit.

Proponents of the bill, which was sponsored by Rep. Rick Becker (R), said that the steps required to get the permit were minimal anyway. Detractors said even the minimal steps offered lessons on firearm education.

Either way, as of Aug. 1, 2017, the bill goes into effect and lawful weapon owners will be allowed to carry it, and conceal it, without a permit.

Hettinger County Sheriff Sarah Warner said she fully supports the Second Amendment and citizen’s right to bear arms, but is concerned about the lack of background checking.

“It’s good that people have the right to carry arms, I’m all for that, you know the second amendment,” Warner said. “What’s concerning to me, not so much that they have to take a test or anything with the class 1 or class 2, but the background [check], you know I think that would have been important, to have a background check.”

The new law is undoubtably going to bring up new questions, Warner said, like during traffic stops.

Under the new law, those carrying a weapon will be required to disclose it during interactions with law enforcement. Prior to this law it was not required, and law enforcement would be able to tell if that individual carried a permit, as it would be notated on their driver’s license when the officer ran it on their computer system. Warner wasn’t sure if this new rule in the law would warrant a citation if the individual failed to disclose the possession of a firearm.

“I’m not sure, it’s still so new to us,” she said. “Hopefully we’re going to have some training before it goes into effect in August.”

Warner also worries about people traveling into the state, thinking they’re covered by the new constitutional carry law. This law is strictly for residents that have held a North Dakota Department of Transportation issued license or ID for one year, it doesn’t apply to those traveling from out of state to North Dakota.

“You have to have lived here for a year and have a valid North Dakota license or id card,” she said.

Reciprocity requires a permit, and for that, an interested party needs to complete a three-hour course and an open book test.

“If you want reciprocity, you’re still going to have to have a concealed weapons permit to carry there,” she said. “So you’re still going to have to take the test and all that if you want to carry into another state we have reciprocity with.”

A few things are still confusing for Warner. For instance, the law states that anyone 18 years or older can carry without a permit, if they are not otherwise prohibited from carrying. But in order to purchase a hand gun, you need to be at least 21 years of age.

“It’s kind of confusing there,” she said.

One thing that’s bound to change is the database of permits. The county receives, from the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, a list of permits issued in the county. Though the list is long and may not be used exclusively, it will change some with the necessity of a permit no longer in existence.

As people look towards the Aug. 1 date, Warner said carriers should take the time to get some training for their own personal sake. She doesn’t want people to carry just because they can, and then something tragic happens. If they are going to carry, the carrier also has to have the mindset that if they are faced with a potential danger to themselves, are they willing to use it and ready to face consequences?

Warner said questions on the new regulations could better be answered by her and her office closer to the Aug. 1 effective date, when they should have more information.

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4 thoughts on “Local Sheriff reacts to new weapons law

  1. for a sheriff Warner seems fairly ignorant about the gun laws she is commenting on. Yes, to buy a handgun from a federal DEALER a person must be 21 years of age, but for one individual to legally buy from another individual you must only be 18. Thus, one can also legally carry at age 18 in the state.

    I hope she knows that red sign thingie on crossroads means that a vehicle has to stop.

  2. Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act Constitutional – Is a Trojan Horse..
    The bill is a dastardly trick and a Trojan horse for institutionalizing licenses, permits, national ID cards, etc.

    And the end game of all those licenses, permits, national ID cards and such is eventual confiscation of all arms.

    And after that extermination.

    Here is the 2014 edition: www.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/senate-bill/1908/text

    Also, the federal government has no constitutional authority to make ANY laws dictating who may and who may not carry arms; or under what circumstances people may and may not carry arms across State borders! Arms control of the people is not an enumerated power!

    video on arms, here it is: vimeo.com/60944105

    State concealed carry laws which require a “permit” is an idea crafted in the pits of h ell. The real purpose is to register gun owners! People think it is so cool to have a permit for concealed carry – they don’t understand that it is like the free sample of heroin.

  3. Hey Sheriff; The SUPREME LAW that applies to travelers from out of state is known as the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution! It’s ALSO KNOWN as CONSTITUTITONAL BEARING (aka: carry). I know it’s quite confusing for the oath-breaking, tyrant wannabe, usurping arsewipes in government.

  4. Now, I’ll address the totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL and, therefore UNLAWFUL, Background Checks Laws.

    BG Checks violate several provisions of the U.S. Constitution and are totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL, to wit: FIRST AMENDMENT right to a Presumption against the Imposition of PRIOR RESTRAINTS on the exercise of guaranteed rights/liberties/immunities which actually withstood the government’s claim of a NATIONAL SECURITY INTEREST! SECOND AMENDMENT rights – self explanatory! FOURTH AMENDMENT rights to be secure in our persons, property, papers and effects (rights are property and effects)! FIFTH AMENDMENT rights to Due Process BEFORE being deprived of unalienable rights, to remain silent, to not self-incriminate (just answer any of those questions wrong!)! NINTH AMENDMENT – numerous “Prenumbra Rights” related to the Amendments mentioned and possibly other fundamental, individual rights retained! And, the FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT prohibition on states passing and enforcing laws which abridge the rights (“immunities”) of citizens, JUST TO GET STARTED!

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