Gordon gets back into education with teaching position at New England Public School

Randy Gordon is the newest member of the New England Public School staff, as a business teacher teaching computer and business classes.

Godron (CMYK)
Randy Gordon started working at New England Public School in late January. (Photo by Rachel Bock/The Herald)


By RACHEL BOCK| Herald Reporter

Randy Gordon is the newest member of the New England Public School staff, as a business teacher teaching computer and business classes. Even though he is new to teaching at NEPS, Gordon found himself back where he originally started, as he graduated high school from New England High School in 1972. After high school, he attended Dickinson State University and graduated with a double major in business and physical education. After college, his first teaching job was at Killdeer High School where he taught business and physical education. While in his first year in Killdeer, Gordon was also the head coach for football, basketball, and track. “It didn’t take me long to give one of those up,” Gordon said. Gordon taught in Killdeer from 1977 to 1986, and in 1986 he took a teaching job at Dickinson Trinity High School where he taught business, computer classes, and coached football and basketball. Between his time at Killdeer, and Trinity, Gordon coached basketball for roughly 30 years and was a head football coach for 36 years. He ended his successful head football coaching career with a record of 241 wins and 102 losses. In 2014, Randy Gordon was ready to try a new profession and took a job at a bank in Dickinson. “There was a job opening at the bank, and I took it. I am glad I did. It was a change, and I learned a lot. I found out that it refreshed me to get back into the classroom,” Gordon said. Deciding to go back into the education profession, Gordon found his way back to his ‘old stomping grounds’ and accepted a teaching job at NEPS in late January. “I made a complete circle,” Gordon said. Currently at New England Public School, Gordon is teaching Accounting, Introduction to Business, Computer Application, and fourth and fifth grade keyboarding. He also helps with Business Math, and eighth grade math. Gordon and his wife JoAnn live in Dickinson and have raised four children. Over the past 20 years, Randy and JoAnn Gordon have also opened up their home to over 60 foster children. “We have been pretty busy with it, and it has been very rewarding,” Gordon said. “Some (children) are short term, some are long term, and some have been pretty tough to let go.

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