Eighth annual dinner theater set for mid February

The Slope Farmers Fair Association, along with the Slope County Players will hold their Eighth Annual Dinner Theater, February 12, 14, 19, and 20 at the Slope County Community Center in Amidon.

Brent Voigt, Vince Greidanus,Shelby Hewson, Bill Gussy, Karen Iverson, and Adrein Kathrein. (Photos by Rachel Bock/The Herald)
Brent Voigt, Vince Greidanus,Shelby Hewson, Bill Gussy, Karen Iverson, and Adrein Kathrein.
(Photos by Rachel Bock/The Herald)

By RACHEL BOCK | Herald Reporter

This year, the Slope County Players will perform “The Masked Musketeer,” a Pioneer Drama Service Production written by Martin A. Follose.

“The Masked Musketeer” has it all — comedy, action, romance, and mystery. The men of a small Spanish village are called to Madrid by the king, leaving only the women and three unruly ‘boys’ behind.  It doesn’t take long for the village to be overrun with bandits, so the lazy Lorenzo, Mateo and Felipe take it upon themselves to become musketeers.  Easier said than done!  These wanna-be swashbucklers are more like knee bucklers.  The women villagers grow discouraged until a masked musketeer swoops in to help fight off the bandits before mysteriously disappearing.  When the bandits find out the town has a hidden treasure, they take a hostage, demanding to have it and the masked musketeer delivered to them… or else!

Lyndsey Erickson is this year’s Director, and with the help of Kasey Burke and Charm Martian, together they organized the cast of 19 before the Christmas holiday. In December, a face lift was given to the stage as a floor was installed, along with the wings of the stage widened. New set walls were also reconstructed, along with new stage skirting and more lights were also added. The work was completed by Gene Davis, Mike Schneider, Clay Martian, and Bill Martian.

“It has been a lot of fun working with veteran Slope County Players and new members alike. A lot of work has also gone into improving the stage for this production,” Lyndsey Erickson said.

The Slope County Players presented their first play eight years ago after Amidon resident Donald Nordby thought it would be a great night out, and it would give people something to do in the winter.

Their first production started out small, but it was a success and filled the front portion of the Amidon Community Center. Every year since, the productions needed to be moved to a bigger part of the Community Center located in the backside of the building, as tickets often sell out for all of the performances. The dinner theater is one of the biggest fundraisers that the Slope Farmers Fair Association has every year.

One of the veteran actresses for the Slope County Players, Brenda Rettinger, finds the productions a fun thing to do in the winter time. She recalls how each production has grown every year, and how the cast members have changed over the productions.

“It is something to do that makes the winter pass by. It is fun. The people have changed especially in the last five years. I am very surprised I am one of the only ones left of the original group,” Rettinger said.

Rettinger feels that Donald Nordby should receive all the credit for how successful the dinner theaters have been. An idea that started out as a fun night out, has drawn people from all around southwest North Dakota.

“It was really Donald’s idea from the beginning. He should get all the credit still,” Rettinger said.

Each performance offers Hors d’oeuvres before the beginning of the play, along with a certified Prime Rib Dinner during the intermission. Live music will be performed by Brent, Trent, and Brenda on opening night Feb. 12, and closing night Feb. 20.

Tickets can be purchased by calling Muggsy or Kris at  701.879.6275.

The 2016 Masked Musketeers Cast:

Musketeers: Bill Gussy, Vince Greidanus, Brent Voigt,

Women of the Village: Nicole Lambourn, Kasey Burke, Shelby Hewson, Karen Iverson, Jordyn Brandt**, Jackie Freitag**, Brenda Rettinger, Kristy Van Daele, Kit Miller**, Charm Martian.

Bandits: Donald Nordby, Travis Allard, Lane Hall, Joe Miller**, Ellie Rettinger** (although Ellie has done fair shows in the past)

Statue: Adrien Kathrein

** indicate new cast members.

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