Wildfire boys, girls split against Standing Rock at Bismarck jamboree

On Jan. 16, Mott-Regent took both the boy’s and girl’s basketball teams to the Civic Center in Bismarck for the annual jamboree. Both teams played against the Standing Rock Warriors.


The girls tipped off at 6:30 p.m. and Standing Rock got the jump ball, making a 3-pointer right away.

Early on the girls were neck and neck.

The first quarter ended with a score of 10-5, in favor of Mott-Regent. The Wildfire led ending the half with a score of 28, while the Lady Warriors ended the half with 22.

With less than a minute left of the fourth quarter, the score 44-42, the Standing Rock coach called a timeout just as one of their players put up a 3-pointer, negating the basket. Mott-Regent kept up good defense, and ended the game with a 44-42 victory.

“Last year’s game against the Lady Warriors was a tough loss on us,” said Head Coach Adam Hill. The 2015 Lady Warriors vs Wildfire ended with a score of 73-32, Lady Warriors getting the win.

“We did end up stopping their main shooter, which helped quite a bit,” Hill said. “Overall I’m happy with this year’s game, but if I could’ve changed anything it would be to have finished stronger. Even though this was a non-regional game, it’s something we can learn from.”

The boys tipped off at 8:30 p.m. with Standing-Rock getting possession first. Mott-Regent scored first, but the by the end of the first quarter Standing-Rock was winning 10-6.

Standing Rock also held the lead at the half, 28-21.

Standing Rock stood strong and held on to their lead for a 62-49 victory over the Wildfire.

“We needed a better start,” said Head Coach Nate Zachmann. “The Warriors ran a 1-2-2 zone and we didn’t execute our plays. Our defense needed to be stronger and we just didn’t play our style. If we play them in the future, we will definitely make better adjustments and have a higher energy all together.”

The Warriors ended with a total of 10 scorers, while the Wildfire only had 6.

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