Mott City Council Agrees To Match Every Donated Community Dollar Up to $5,000 For Mott Clinic

At their last meeting of the year on Dec. 15, the Mott City Council took the high road and voted for improved healthcare services in Mott. For every dollar donated to an upcoming fundraising campaign for renovations to the Mott Clinic, the Mott City Council will match every dollar up to $5,000!


Ted Uecker, Fund Development Officer at West River Health Services Foundation, presented his case to the Mott City Council for renovations to the Mott Clinic. About a year ago, a local Mott area citizen gave $10,000 to West River Health Services Foundation for improvements to the Mott Clinic. The WRHS Foundation added $5,000 to the $10,000 gift and two of the patient exam rooms were updated with 21st century cabinetry and equipment. Recently, this same Mott area citizen came to the Foundation and offered another $5,000 for renovations to the remaining two patient exam rooms at the Mott Clinic – if the Foundation could convince Mott area citizens, organizations and businesses to provide funds for half a match – or $7,500. A challenge for the Mott area community and the Foundation was set.

In the meantime, the Mott City Council delivered for Mott once again, with a dollar for dollar match up to $5,000. “Wow, you talk about showing the community a commitment to the future of local healthcare. The Mott City Council certainly stepped up to the plate and met the challenge. We sure hope the rest of Mott and the surrounding area feel the same way,” said Uecker. “This is an important community event and we hope everyone takes part. Together we can reach our goals and then some!”

In addition to presenting to the Mott City Council, Uecker has been out pounding the pavement, meeting with Mark Resner and Aryn Dangerud at Hettinger County Economic Development; the board of directors at the Commercial Bank of Mott; the M.O.T.T. board of directors; Derek Mayer at Wilbur-Ellis; Bruce Kallis at Good Samaritan Nursing Home; Brad Greff at Farmers Union Insurance, Judy at Cardinal Insurance; the crew at Mott Drug; Sherry Friedt at Mott Equity; the folks at Crane, Roseland, Pikovsky & Melling Law Firm; Erv at the Eido; Mr. Olson at Olson’s Super Valu; and there are still more that he plans to visit with. He hopes to meet with most every organization, business, farmer/rancher in the Mott area before the big town meeting. It’s being touted as the “Mott Area Community Matching Challenge Meeting” on Monday, January 18th, 7:15 pm at the Mott Playhouse Theatre. What better place than the newly remodeled Playhouse Theatre? And with free popcorn and pop/water, why not stop by and listen in? We promise not to keep you long; our hope is to convince you to join this community endeavor.

“We are hoping to engage Mott citizens in a fundraising drive to make needed improvements to the Mott Clinic. With the anonymous citizen’s offer of $5,000 and the Mott City Council’s pledge to match dollar for dollar up to $5,000; we think the community of Mott will rise up for this effort. After all, what’s more important than your health? And especially so close to home,” Uecker said.

The WRHS Foundation has never made it their business to tell families, organizations or businesses what to give. Rather, they believe people should do what they want with their money. People know their own budgets. We certainly hope that having the Mott Clinic so close to home is something they appreciate. And having the Hettinger hospital only 40 miles away, with a new in-house MRI Scanner and other advanced radiology and surgical equipment, is quite a bonus to rural Western Dakota. And therefore, the kind of top-quality healthcare they’d like to contribute a few of their hard-earned dollars toward.

Of course, having the Mott Clinic so close to home is a huge advantage. You never know when you’ll need help. Or maybe your children or your family or firiends will need the care the Mott Clinic can provide. Plus, having top-quality health care from leaders in your community like Lori Hill, Betty Manolovits, Dorothy Sheldon, Penny Wegh, Cheryl Nasset, Janel Johnson, Carmen Schaible, Joy Laufer and Bekki Holzkamm. And our amazing traveling physicians who come to Mott once a week, including Drs. Willoughby, Ranum, Boschee, Sheffield, and Kilwein.

We hope to see you at the “Mott Area Community Matching Challenge Meeting” on January 18th. If in the meantime, you can’t make the community meeting but would like to contribute to the Mott Clinic Renovation Campaign, please consider sending a donation to: WRHSF, 1000 Highway 12, Hettinger, ND, 58639. Or stop by the Mott Clinic, where our staff will gladly accept your kind gift. Until next time, we are grateful to be a partner in your generosity.

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