Allan Bieber

Allan LeRoy Bieber passed away Sept. 5, 2012.

Posted Oct. 4, 2012

Allan LeRoy Bieber passed away Sept. 5, 2012. Funeral Services were held Sept.13, 2012 at the University Lutheran Church at Tempe, Ariz.

Allan was born Aug. 14, 1934 to Edwin and Hilda (Renke) Bieber in Hettinger County, ND. He was the second of four children: brother Loran of East Lansing, Mich. Is the eldest. Younger sisters are Leila Smith, who divides time between North Dakota and Arizona, and Ruth Stang, of Dickinson, ND.

The Bieber family owned their own farm, growing wheat and selling cream. During the Great Depression the family was forced to moved to Cahoot Gulch, Mont. In 1944, fourth grader Allan moved back to North Dakota with his family, where his father took over the original homestead.

Attending a two room school for the first two years of formal education in Montana upon his return, Allan continued local schools in North Dakota. Most activities outside of school involved farm work. Allan was valedictorian of his senior class in high school and attended Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn., for two years. Transferring to North Dakota State University in Fargo, he earned both his BS and MS in chemistry. At a YMCA “mixer” he met Carmen Posey of Garrison, N.D., a NDSU freshman. They both attended Lutheran Student Movement events and began dating. They dated about five years before marrying in 1958.

Allan and Carmen made their first home in Coravallis, Ore., where he continued to work on his PhD. Allan and Carmen moved from the West Coast to the East Coast upon receiving his degree to do post-doctoral work in the Pharmacology Department of Yale Medical School. He joined the Chemistry Department of Arizona State University in 1963 as the only bio-chemist on faculty at the time. He thought it a great opportunity to help develop a bio-chemistry program from scratch. He worked closely with Dr. Joseph Harris of the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix during those early years at ASU.

Allan was the first member of the ASU faculty to receive a National Health Institute Career Development Award. Allan spent sabbaticals in Fort Collins, Colo., working with Colorado State University, in Virginia at the University of Virginia, and in New South Wales, Australia, as a Fogarty Senior International Fellow.

Allan also did work in Slovenia at the Franz Joseph Institute. A focus of Allan’s work, in later years was venoms, as much of his work involved the study of proteins. Throughout his years at ASU, Allan was a teacher. He had a great passion for both learning and research and students and teaching.

Carmen and Allan had two children: Scott (Tara) of New England was born in New Haven, Conn., in 1962 and daughter Pamela (Todd) of Livermore, Calif., was born in Scottsdale in 1964. Scott and Tara have two children, Grace born in 2007 and Jack born in 2009.

Allan retired in 2001 and began work with Intrinsic Bioprobes, Inc. He studied proteins specific for cancer, heart disease and diabetes. In all his work, Allan was, above all, a scientist, faithfully following the norms of science and the scientific method. He never strayed from being a proper scientist.

One of Allan’s passions was raising tea roses. Only he could tend them, or prune them. Frequently the altar flowers on Sunday were from his rose garden. He and wife Carmen enjoyed traveling. Some of it was related to work, such as Australia, Slovenia, Colorado and Virginia. Some of it was for pleasure and some was made possible because of his work. They made several trips to various regions of Europe, traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Thailand, Slovenia, among other excursions.


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