Thankful for Community…

This is my favorite time of the year. When the calendar turns to November and the magic of the holidays is upon us. Thanksgiving serves a common purpose by bringing families and communities together. It seems everywhere you go the holiday spirit is displayed and felt by everyone. Family and community members traveling and visiting loved ones close and far away.
In today’s paper you undoubtedly will feel holiday spirit by reading the recipes of local school children on how to cook a turkey. Thanksgiving traditions for many are watching football, carving the turkey and having an extra slice of pie. Here at the paper we are thankful for the tradition of documenting the news, events and photos for generations of local residents. Although things change over the years, we continue to be relevant and at the pulse of the community. During this time of year were thankful for our valued readers and advertisers. You are the reason for the success of your community newspaper. There are countless communities across the country, many much bigger that don’t have a hometown newspaper to call their very own. Our advertisers have always responded by advertising locally, and our readers have always responded by supporting our community businesses. As we gather and document the stories of our community, we hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving and support many local residents and businesses. That said, we know from research that many local families struggle with basic daily needs and go without during this time of year. I challenge all local businesses and able residents to volunteer or donate where you can throughout our community. I encourage all community members to be thankful and generous as your heart directs.
Happy Thanksgiving,
Frank Perea II,

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