Nordby’s honored by Bowman Slope Conservation District

PHOTO—Tony Pierce, SCD Supervisor, Diane Pierce Sponsor, Dakota Western Bank ; Sarah and Donald Nordby; Jeff Brown and Jerry Jeffers SCD Supervisors. (Courtesy Photo)

The Bowman-Slope Soil Conservation District would like to announce and congratulate The Seven Hat Ranch, Donald and Sarah Nordby from Amidon, N.D., as the 2017 Conservation Achievement Winner.
The Nordby family is a great partner in conservation for the Bowman-Slope SCD. Donald and Sarah have hosted educational events and participated in Plant Materials Center trial plantings. The Nordby’s have implemented a rotational grazing system and long-term monitoring system, a native grass seeding, planted field windbreaks and farmstead tree plantings, used cover crops to improve soil health, and installed livestock watering and solar systems to improve grazing distribution.
The Nordby’s will be honored at the North Dakota Association of Soil Conservation Districts Annual Meeting and Convention in Bismarck, N.D. on Nov. 20, 2017.

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