New England FFA Chapter

This year of New England FFA is off to a great start, as two events have already taken place. The first event was the State Range Judging Contest. On September 21st, the FFA advisor, Mr. Krebs, drove six students to Mandan to compete. These students include Kayla Ehlis, Leah Ehlis, Brenna Wert, Logan Clark, Waylon Kathrein, and me (Eve Stegner). For many it was a brand new experience. In fact, it is safe to say that the students did an outstanding job for their first year. Everyone worked hard, paid attention, and learned a little more about plants than the average person cares to. Most importantly, everyone had fun. All participants plan on continuing Range throughout their high school years. Needless to say, next year’s State Range Judging Contest can’t come soon enough.

The second FFA event that took place was District Leadership. This happened in Dickinson on September 28th, Participants: Logan Clark, Bennette Mansfield, Waylon Kathrein, Kayla Ehlis, Brenna Wert, Leah Ehlis, Stetson Urlacher, Elli Rettinger, Emily Dinius, Shelley Kathrein, Elizabeth Kaufman, Devin Wert, Hadley Binstock, and me. Year after year, District Leadership proves to be a fun day filled with competitive events, socializing, and a tasty lunch. There is no such thing as a District Leadership without great memories accompanying it. In District Leadership, there were two outstanding students from our chapter that qualified for state in the Demonstration event. Those two are Hadley Binstock and Emily Dinius. Their demonstration on how to make homemade ice cream was not only incredibly informative and fun to watch, but it was also delicious to eat afterwards. Congratulations to Hadley and Emily, and good luck at State! Both of these Fall FFA events yielded great results, all of which are as follows. (B=Bronze, S=Silver, G=Gold) Range: Kayla-B, Leah-B, Brenna-B, Logan-B, Waylon-B, Eve-G (2nd). District Leadership Awards are as follows. FFA Creed: Brenna-S. Demonstration: Hadley and Emily-G (2nd). Extemporaneous Speaking: Eve-G. Greenhand FFA Quiz: Team-S, Logan-B, Bennette-B, Elli-B, Waylon-S, Kayla-S, Brenna-S, Leah-S, Stetson-S. Senior FFA Quiz: Team-B, Devin-B, Emily-B, Elizabeth-B, Hadley-S, Eve-S. Greenhand Parliamentary Procedure: Team-G (2nd). Senior Parliamentary Procedure: Team-B. Officer awards: Shelley (sentinel)-B, Eve (reporter)- G, Elizabeth (treasurer)-B, Devin (secretary)- S, Hadley (vice president)-G, Emily (president)- B.

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