Tiger Royalty: 2017 New England Homecoming Court

Homecoming Royalty—Front Row: (L to R) Crown Bearer Ty Wolf, King Justin Cantwell, Queen Tori Jalbert, Crown Bearer Piper Jung. Back Row: (L to R) Attendant to the Prince Tate Nordby, Prince Zach Madler, Attendant to the King Nick Rettinger, Attendant to the Queen Hailee Kuske, Princess Elizabeth Kaufman, and Attendant to the Princess Josefine Uhrskov.


Escorts: (L to R) Eve Stegner, Nico Vian, Jordan Kass, Denit Sorenson, Paige Ehlis, John Wolf, Emily Johnson, and Hayden Turner. (Photo by Rachel Bock/For The Herald)

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