HCC Defends Their Turf

The 10th playing of the annual Dakota Ryder Cup was held at Hettinger Country Club (HCC) on Saturday Aug. 5. For those unfamiliar, the Dakota Ryder Cup is an annual golf tournament involving three towns, Hettinger, Lemmon and Mobridge.  The event is hosted by each in a predetermined rotation.

The individual towns are represented by 16 golfers who compete head to head in three different formats.  The first is Better Ball followed by Alternate Shot, finishing with Singles.  The Better Ball round was highlighted by the Hettinger team of Dirk Mack and Scott Oradnik, garnering 14 of a possible 27 points for the match.  The high point team for Alternate Shot was also from Hettinger, Eric Honeyman and Scott Oradnik, taking an astounding 16 points.  After the first two rounds Hettinger held a slim margin over Mobridge, but as usual it comes down to the Singles matches.  The leading point getter for Singles was Brett Odenbach from Lemmon with an impressive 13 point showing.  Despite Lemmon and Mobridge’s best efforts, Hettinger defended their home course and took the Cup back from Mobridge.

Everyone participates with a highly competitive spirit.  While the aggressive fire may be stoked, the day is usually won over by the comradery fostered by the history of the event.  Twenty seven holes of golf in one Saturday may sound like a marathon but seems to be over in a blink, leaving everyone looking forward to playing the event at the Lemmon Country Club next year.

Many thanks need to be given to Cindy Arndorfer and Cindy Ham.  They worked tirelessly all day to make sure HCC put our best foot forward.  Thank you also goes out to Brad Messer, who volunteered to cook meals, but also serviced golf carts, poured drinks and ran errands, all on his birthday. Happy Belated Birthday.  Finally, we would like to thank both Lemmon and Mobridge for all of the practice rounds played, meals/refreshments purchased and time spent in our town.  We will do our best to return the favor.

Thanks Again,

Hettinger Ryder Cup Team

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