Hettinger County 4-H Completes a Landscaping Project in New England

Back Row (Left to Right):  Sophie Olsonawski, Katie Schmidt, Will Schmidt, Teddy Kirschemann, Leah Ehlis, Kayla Ehlis, Lindsay Koch. Bottom Row (Left to Right):  Mark Schmidt, Madison Kirschemann, Molly Wolf, Leighton Olsonawski, Meadow Olsonawski and Emma Olsonawski. Not Pictured:  Pierson Frieze, Jake Wolf and Emily Ehlis.

The Hettinger County 4-H met on June 15 to continue a landscaping project started in 2014 at the New England School. Fifteen 4-H’ers gathered at 9 a.m. to plant four bare root trees on the east side of the playgrounds. On hand to instruct them was Joel Nichols, Bismarck Community Forester. Nichols took them to view the previous two year’s plantings of trees and see how well they are growing. He then set out the trees to be used in this year’s planting and demonstrated how to prepare them for planting.

The trees were provided by a Jr. Master Gardener grant through the NDSU Extension Service. Nichols taught the youth how deep to dig the holes and prepare the roots for planting. He then showed them how to arrange the roots in the hole and pack the soil around them. Finally, he showed the 4-Her’s how to stake the trees so they would grow straight. It was a lot of work but the 4-Her’s were very proud of what they accomplished.

The Hettinger County 4-H would like to thank all the Parents that helped, The New England School, The Jr. Master Gardener Program, and Joel Nichols of the ND Forest Service for this learning opportunity.

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