Lions Park Playground being installed

Installation of the Lions Park Playground is in progress.  Phase One of the playground was shipped and scheduled to be in New England on Wednesday.  It is hoped it will be ready for use by the Aug. 8 Burgers In The Park.  Phase Two is also ordered, and expected to arrive by late August.

By Lewellyn Rustan

For The Herald

The New England Lions Club made the decision to order Phase Two, even though adequate funding was not yet received.  The two New England financial institutions each agreed to provide a loan, to make it possible to complete the project this season.

The complete project will cost $75,000 plus sales tax that was not included in the original quote.  That could bring the total cost close to $80,000.

As of this writing, $46,000 has been raised for the project.  That includes $9,000 the Lions club had in startup funds, $18,000 in grants received, and $18,000 received in donations from businesses and individuals.  Another $34,000 in needed to complete the project.

The campaign for donations continues, and some grant applications will be decided this fall.

Donors to date include:  Next Era Energy, Rainy Butte Tumbleweeds Day Care, Consolidated, New England City Sales Tax Fund, American Legion Post 66, Rural Development Finance Corporation, Dickinson City Sales Tax Fund, Lions Foundation of North Dakota, Slope Electric Cooperative, Inc., Slope Electric Cooperative Operation Round Up, New England Community Foundation, New England Senior Citizens, Centennial Insurance Agency, Dakota West Credit Union, New England Insurance Agency, Express Stop LLC, Tom and Bernie Gorek, Tim and Sandy Hecker, Robert Strommen, Barry Brentrup, Lyle and Doreen Kovar, Rita Lutz, Anna Roller, Gene and Marilyn Wert, Dorothy Lien, Donna Rustan-Stang, Marion Erickson, Daniel and Betty Frank, Dennis and Dava Rustan, Earl Doe, Kelly and Becky Jacobs, Jessi Schmidt, Todd and Adele Fitterer, Jon and Sheri Wert, Gary and Linda Reisenauer, Robert and Lynette Klein, Mark and Karen Koller, and anonymous donors.

Major donors will be recognized on a plaque at the park upon completion of the project.  They will be listed in categories according to the amount of their  donation.

In the event that more money is received than is needed to complete the contracts, additional playground units for the younger children will be purchased.

All donations, no matter how large or small, are appreciated.  They may be sent to project funding coordinator Lewellyn Rustan at 11696A 73rd St. SW, New England.

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