Drinking water quality reports released

Southwest Water Authority (SWA) is pleased to announce the 2016 water quality reports are now available. The Water Quality Reports are also referred to as Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR’s). SWA provides drinking water through five public water systems. These are the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Dickinson, the OMND (Oliver, Mercer, North Dunn) Water Treatment Plant, the Crown Butte pocket, the Junction Inn pocket and the Tower Hill pocket. The purpose of the reports is to provide information about the quality of drinking water provided by the Southwest Pipeline Project (SWPP). The CCR’s also provide additional information helping southwest North Dakota residents to make informed decisions regarding their drinking water.
All customers of SWPP water were recently mailed copies of the CCR’s (Drinking Water Quality Reports). If you would like additional copies of the report, or if you did not receive a copy, contact SWA’s office at 701-225- 0241 or 1-888-425-0241. The reports may also be viewed at www.swwater.com/consumer-confidence-report.
Since 1986, the Southwest Pipeline Project has been constructing an efficient network of pipelines, pump stations, reservoirs, and treatment facilities to bring quality water to the region. To date, 33 communities, 6,950 rural service locations, 23 contract customers, 21 raw-water customers, two rural water systems, three crew camps and two raw water depots are served by the Pipeline. Reaching new rural areas is dependent on everyone’s support. Southwest Water Authority continues its mission of Quality Water for Southwest North Dakota.

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