Hettinger County 4H’ers Compete at state archery

On Saturday, June 10, 2017, three Hettinger County 4-H members competed at the State Archery 4-H Championship at the ND 4-H camp in Washburn, ND.  Each of our county 4-H archers competed in both a 3-D course and a field archery course.  

By Christina Hansen

Hettinger Co. Extension

The 3-D course consisted of 30 different targets.  The archers shot one arrow per target, the distance depended on what type of bow each archer was shooting with.  The field archery course consisted of 10 different targets ranging from different distances also depended on what type of bow they were shooting.  The archers on this course shot four arrows per target.

Sydney Steiner, James Augare and Timothy (TJ) Gaab represented Hettinger County this year.  Sydney Steiner was shooting in the Junior Bare bow division and placed second with a total score of 194.  James Augare and TJ Gaab were shooting in the Junior Free Style division; both received bronze medals for their efforts on the course.

According to the Archery Trade Association, mastering archery requires skill, concentration and perseverance.   It’s a sport that’s fun, but also allows participants at any age or skill level to compete against others or challenge themselves individually.  The sport has long helped archers gain confidence and physical strength.  In fact, evidence shows that archery helps students in the following additional areas.  Its helps improve behavior, life-classroom skills, focus and self-discipline, better balance and coordination, teaches goal setting, and builds self-awareness.

What’s nice about archery is it’s available in indoor and outdoor settings, and it appeals to many audiences, come rain, snow or sunshine; which proves helpful in ND weather.  There are many different styles of archery, including target archery (as seen at the Olympic and Paralympic Games), field archery – which is enjoyed on a wooded course outdoors – and 3D archery, for shooting foam animal targets.

The Hettinger county 4-H archery program has room for growth, so if you know of a child between the ages of 8 – 18 who would like to join our program, they can contact our Hettinger County Extension Office at (701) 824-2095 or visit our website at www.ag.ndsu.edu/hettinger countyextension/4-h-youth-and-development.

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