Southwest town ranked on website

Mott. Often synonymous with the saying ‘the town that God forgot,’ was recently not forgot.

By COLE BENZ | Herald Editor

The state-focused website recently came out with a list of the top nine underrated towns in North Dakota, and Mott, was listed as number three.

Only In Your State is a website written mostly by local authors on subjects pertaining to events, or special features of the individual states of the the country. One can visit the site and simply click on a list of the states and read about many facets of the one chosen.

The author, listed only by her first name Leah, wrote about Mott:

“The delightful town of Mott is located in the southwest region of North Dakota in the county of Hettinger. About 721 people live there. It is located right by the Cannonball River, creating some lovely views.”

Other towns making the list from numbers nine through one were Tioga (No. 9), Lidgerwood (No. 8), Wilton (No. 7), Kulm (No. 6), Glen Ullin (No. 5), Crosby (No. 4), MOTT (No. 3), Fordville (No. 2), and Willow City (No. 1).

In terms of population, cities included in the list ranged in population size from under 200 people, all the way up to over 1,500 residents.

Mott is the county seat of Hettinger county. The county is operated out of the three-story historic county building that dates back to the early 1900s.

The tows is bustling with businesses including the famous Pheasant Cafe.

Mott is also home to the annual Mike’d Up music festival, named after a young, area farmer who was lost in a tragic farming accident.

It is also home to the Hettinger County Fair every year.

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