Yes, You’re Seeing Double!

Five sets of twins roamed the halls this school year in New England

On average giving birth to a set of twins in the United States is roughly about one in 30 births or 3.3 percent.

PHOTO—STANDING (L to R): Harry Kirschemann, Zachary Kirschemann. ON SHOULDERS (L to R): Hank Dinius, Hannah Dinius. FIRST ROW (L to R): Caitlynn Admidin, Chailynn Admidin. SECOND ROW (L to R) Leah Ehlis, Kayla Ehlis. THIRD ROW (L to R) Hennesie Clevenger, Tavion Clevenger. (Photo by Rachel Bock/For The Herald)


For The Herald

From the late 1980s into the 2000s twin birth rates have been on the rise by almost 80 percent, largely due to family history of multiple births and the usage of fertility treatments. A majority of twins are either dizygotic or commonly known as fraternal twins, or monozygotic or more commonly known as identical twins. Other factors other than family history and fertility treatments that increase the odds of having twin births are the mother’s age, previous births, and the mother’s nutrition.

New England School has seen an increase in their twin student population, there were five sets of twins roaming the halls during this past school year. The sets of twins include: Hank and Hannah Dinius, Caitlynn and Chailynn Admidin, Hennessie and Tavion Clevenger, Kayla and Leah Ehlis, and Harry and Zach Kirschemann.

The youngest of the group—Hank and Hannah Dinius—will be entering the first grade next fall. Hannah who is the older of the two by only one minute. Her brother Hank thinks it is pretty cool to have a twin because they sometimes think alike and have each other to play with, and they sometimes go on adventures and find stuff together.

Of course celebrating their birthday is fun as they each get to invite their own friends to their party and together they have one big birthday party. Of course they have two different flavors of cakes since one likes chocolate and the other likes vanilla.

This past year in the junior high, New England had three sets of twins with the Admidin twins, Clevenger Twins, and the Ehlis Twins.

Chailynn and Caitlynn Admidin are identical twins with Chailynn being the older of the two by 10 minutes.

Tavion Clevenger is older than her twin sister Hennessie by two hours. All four girls agree that having a twin is fun since they always have someone by their side, and a forever friendship. Even though they are different in some aspects, they do find themselves thinking a lot alike and find themselves finishing each other’s sentences at times.

Kayla Ehlis is older than her twin sister Leah by only two minutes. For the Ehlis twins, they like the fact of having a twin by their side during homework comes in handy if you ever need help on an assignment or in need of notes for a class. They said they are almost very similar as they have similar grades, and are both sopranos in the school choir. This past school year, they performed a speech duo in speech competition with the speech being about looking in a mirror which was perfect since they are identical twins.

Being identical, some teachers have a hard time keeping them apart and just call them by their last name when they are in class.

One downfall for the Ehlis twins, is now that they are getting older, they are trying to find their own identities. Since they have similar likes and dislikes, this makes things tough since they both think a lot alike and find themselves wanting the same things even though they want to be different.

The oldest set of twins at New England Public School this past school year, just recently graduated High School this past Sunday.

Zach Kirschemann is older than his twin brother Harry by 58 minutes. If you ask Harry why they are almost an hour apart Harry replies with a simple answer.

“I was just enjoying the space to myself. I was like oh gosh I have all this room now,” Harry said.

When their parents found out they were expecting twins, Harry and Zach’s dad Terry was holding the camcorder recording the appointment. When the doctor said that they were having twins, Terry Kirschemann dropped the camcorder in shock of the news that he heard.

Harry and Zach both agree having a twin has been great since you always have a friend and have each other to go through life with.

“You have somebody to look out for you. Zach is the more mature one, and we are pretty good friends,” Harry said.

“Ever since you are little you had a good friend to play with and do something with,” Zach said.

They do have different views sometimes and they fight and argue at times. They also hate to be compared.

Even though they are fraternal twins, they look a lot alike. They have played pranks on teachers in the past by switching seats when they were younger. They recently have confused people at track meets as sometimes people are trying to figure out how they could be almost competing at two events at the same time. Someone will come up to them and say didn’t you just compete at the long jump, and they will have to explain no that was my twin brother.

Together the Kirschemann Twins will be starting their next chapter in life, as they both will be attending the same college next fall. They will be attending Bismarck State College, and will be living together in the same apartment. They know at some point in their life they will have to separate, but for right now they are excited to start their college journey together.

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