NDSU Hettinger County Hosts 2017 Farm Safety Day

The NDSU Hettinger County Extension Service hosted the annual Farm Safety Day in New England on May 5, 2017.  Fifth and sixth grade students from Mott/Regent and New England attended the daylong event.

A group of students from New England and Mott-Regent stand in front of a fire truck. The students were learning about farm safety. The event is put on by the Hettinger County Extension office in Mott and sponsored by multiple area businesses.
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The students attended an hour-long session at the fire hall about yard safety.  Craig Askim, Mercer County Extension Agent, presented safety instruction that related to a riding lawn mower, push mower, weed trimmer and hedge trimmer.  The instruction touched on proper safety equipment when mowing lawns, how often a lawnmower blade should be sharpened, as well as spring and fall maintenance.

The students were bussed to Memorial Hall for the remainder of the day’s instruction.  Upon arrival, lunch was served to students, teachers and presenters.

The breakout sessions covered sun safety, safe levels of sound and hands on CPR.  The topics chosen are important to students in this age group.

Amanda Dahners, Grant County Extension Agent, presented the Sun Savvy portion of instruction.  This instruction brought awareness about skin cancer, risk factors associated with skin cancer, sun protection factor (SPF) and why it is necessary to use sunblock and when it is necessary.  Each student saw how UV ray exposure is harmful to one’s skin.  Amanda demonstrated this by using a bracelet and placed under a UV light, which is similar in real life exposure to UV rays.  When UV rays are present, the bracelet turns from white to purple.  This change in color tells its wearer that sunblock use is necessary to protect one’s skin from exposure.

Duaine Marxen, Hettinger County Extension Agent and Christina Hansen, Hettinger County Administrative Assistant presented the Safe Level of Sound segment of instruction.  This instruction included sound samples of ordinary day-to-day sounds that a person encounters with no hearing loss vs hearing loss.  The students learned about the parts of a person’s ear, and how hearing damage occurs and ways to protect your ears in certain situations to avoid permanent hearing loss.

The third and final breakout session was hand on CPR instruction from Chelle Doll, First Aid Training Coordinator with The ND Safety Council.  Students learned about average emergency response times in North Dakota and the importance of CPR training.  Chelle brought in CPR test dummies so that each student was able to act out actual CPR procedure if needed.  She discussed the importance of and use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).  The students also gained knowledge in areas of first aid and safe barriers when being exposed to blood.

The students did lend some feedback as they were helping to clean up and await transport back to school.  The feedback was positive and overall the students walked away learning life skills that will assist them for years to come.

Sponsors for the event included Brad Greff of Farmers Union Insurance, Farm Service Agency of Mott, NDSU Hettinger County Extension, Farm Credit Services of Mott, Hettinger County Farmers Union and Slope Electric Cooperative of New England.

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