Another production in the works for Rainy Buttes Productions

The Rainy Butte Productions Theater group is once again gearing up for another hilarious dinner theater this fall.

The script has been chosen for the October performance and dates have been penciled in on the schedule. The group is looking for volunteers who want to join us either on stage or as support people.

Anyone who wants to be on stage and be part of the acting group needs to come to a mandatory casting call meeting on Wednesday, June 7 at 6 p.m. at the Memorial Hall.  We will look at the script and work out roles for everyone interested. This will be a fun, informal meeting to give everyone a chance to “make it big”.  The chosen play has a large cast, so there is lots of room for new people to join our group and try their hand at acting.

Once casting decisions have been made, the scripts will be distributed and on Wednesday, June 14 the cast will meet for a read through and audio recording session. Cast members will then have from June until September to work on learning their lines and developing their characters.

Structured practice for the dinner theater will begin Sept. 3 and will be held on Sundays and Wednesdays until two weeks prior to opening night.  Two weeks prior to opening, the cast can expect to practice four times a week.  Depending on their role, some performers may not have to practice both Sunday and Wednesday each week. A practice schedule will be developed and posted. The dinner theater will be on Oct. 13, 14, 20 & 21, so all prospective cast members must be committed to all four of those dates.

The board members are also planning to host acting workshops during the summer months to help cast members improve their acting skills and build a positive cast rapport.

Anyone interested in helping out “behind the scenes” is encouraged to contact a cast member or a board member as soon as possible.  We need people with all types of skills and abilities.  Some of the “behind the scenes” positions that we need to fill are host/hostess, stage hands, set builders, ticket takers, costumes, makeup, stage manager, floor manager, decorators, advertising manager and more.

Rainy Butte Productions is a non-profit theater group whose goal is to improve community resources like the Memorial Hall and provide good, quality entertainment to the community.  Anyone interested in donating to our group is encouraged to visit our website at or contact a board member or cast member. The current board members are Adrien Kathrein, Shannay Witte, Aaron Marxen, Breann Krebs, Stacey Miller, Becky Jacobs and Christa Schmidt.

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