Third Annual “Adult Prom” Raises $27,322 Net For Improved Local Healthcare

The Foundation at West River Health Services sponsored their 3rd Annual “Shoot For The Stars – Adult Prom” this past Saturday evening at the Fun Bar in Hettinger.

WRHS Foundation

The decorative talents of Amanda Reimer, Kim Schalesky and Sheri Uecker were on display the minute you walked in the door! It’s so nice of the Hettinger High School’s junior class to donate their prom decorations to the Foundation these past three years. And what a beautifully decorated venue the Fun Bar became!

Over 150 people attended this year’s Adult Prom, by far the largest of the past three. With tasty appetizers from Kennedy’s Fresh Foods to get things started, the bidding began on the 44 Silent Auction items lining the back room tables (all gifted by various local businesses and WRHS departments). Simultaneously, the Promsters feasted their eyes on the 35 amazing Live Auction items as well.

At 7:00 p.m. the Grand March was led by West River CEO Matt Shahan and his wife Katie. They certainly started a tall tunnel for all of the 35 or so couples to walk under. Eventually everyone was announced by Nolan Dix, escorted through the tunnel and the dancing to Hot Trax began (local cd spinners Nolan Dix and Terry Spratta). Shortly thereafter at about 8pm, the Live Auction began, with youthful auctioneer Rowdy Benson making the call. In less than 50  minutes, Rowdy sold 35 items for $20,760 gross! Thank you Rowdy!

Following the Live Auction, CEO Matt Shahan gave a short talk about the gratitude that West River Health Services has for the support we receive from the surrounding area. He also mentioned that we are all one FAMILY – which resonated throughout the evening (as evidenced by the Laboratory Department employees all coming out together as a team for the Grand March). Not to mention the groups of people dancing together in a circle or line dancing! In addition, Ted Uecker let everyone know that his father-in-law, Dennis Bentsen, was available to give anyone and everyone a safe ride home (if they needed it). He was parked and ready just outside the Fun Bar front door from 7 p.m. – 1 a.m. Thanks Bents!

Once the Live Auction was completed, everyone had 30 more minutes to get their Silent Auction bids in. As we collected the Silent Auction bidding sheets, there were still bidders lingering around the items they wanted (in fact, Dr. Bruning and Jezelle Salazar kept bidding back and forth right to the last second!) The Silent Auction raised $3,924!

The Promsters continued dancing throughout the evening until 12:30am! It was an amazing night. Special thanks to Erin Timm for her development of the program and silent/live auction sheets; to Christina Maier and Sheri Uecker for helping with guest registration; to Cindy Ham for her poster/ticket development, Facebook postings and photography; to Rowdy Benson for his sensational auctioneering; to Kennedy’s Fresh Foods for the terrific appetizers and sandwiches; to Hot Trax for providing the fun music; to the Fun Bar for their outstanding hustle behind the bar and their exquisite/intimate locale; to the numerous businesses, organizations, families and individuals who purchased tickets, gave and purchased auction items. Raising $27,322 net to improve our healthcare “close to home” makes it all worthwhile. Thank you everyone! Onward!

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