New England competes in math competition

On Friday, April 21, 16 mathletes in grades fourth through seventh from New England School went to Richardton-Taylor High School to compete in the annual Math Meet Competition.

PHOTO—Back Row: (L to R) Teddy Kirschemann, Bailey Urlacher, Will Schmidt, Chevy Dhamers, Matthew Bock, Maddie Rayhorn, Grace Dinius, & Wyatt Dorner. Front Row: (L to R) Tallen Binstock, Jaren Rafferty, Adam Kathrein, Molly Wolf, Grady Bock, Madison Kirschemann, Ava Augare, Alisha Twogood. (Photo by Taylor Hafner)

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The competition joined together 12 schools with teams of four students each in grades fourth through eighth grade.

Prior to the math meet, the young mathematicians spent months practicing for the competition. Even though four students in each participating grade go to the actual competition, each team has two alternates that also practice with the team just in case one of the students are not able to make the competition. The students would practice during lunch time, and go over math problems, along with previous math meet tests from years prior. The team also prepares for their team test, as they work on a game plan discussing which student will tackle what part of the 25 problem test. A couple of days before the competition, fourth grade teacher Taylor Hafner, and fifth grade teacher Shellee Hanson made a mock math meet competition in the gym with tables and replicated what it would be like during the actual competition.

The math meet started at 12:00 p.m. with Registration and Orientation. After Orientation, the young mathematicians individually went to work as they were involved in four different mathematical timed tests. The individualized tests ranged from grade level or above grade level math problems with the first test being basic arithmetic. The second test covers measurement problems, and the third individualized test is made up of all word problems. The fourth test is an odds and ends mathematical test that covers various math questions. The host school writes all of the tests that are taken during the math meet.

During the competition the individualized tests are corrected and scored. Not only are the problems marked wrong if the student gives an incorrect answer, but if the mathlete forgets to label their answer or if their handwriting was illegible those questions are also marked incorrect.

After the individual tests, a short break was taken and following the break, the school teams in each grade were joined back together to take the timed 25 question team test.

After the team test, awards were given out for the top five individualized highest scores in every grade. This year, the team awards were awarded based only on the scores of the team test.

The New England fourth graders took first place overall in the team test, with Alisha Twogood taking second place individually, and Teddy Kirschemann placing third in the individual scores.

New England six graders took third place overall in the team test, with Molly Wolf placing fourth in the individual scores.

New England seventh graders took first place overall in the team test.

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