School board votes on grading changes


The Mott-Regent school board recently voted to adjust the grading scale for their students. During a special meeting, the Curriculum Committee presented four recommendations for the board on grade-scale and credit system.

By COLE BENZ | Herald Editor

The first recommendation was to give credit for classes in high school on a semester basis instead of yearly. This, according to their recommendation allows for students to earn credit and have a more updated transcript for scholarship applications.

“One of the rationales there was many of the schools in our region do give credit for that, and with our kids competing for scholarships they are at a disadvantage,” principal Adam Hill said during the meeting.

For scholarship applications, under the current yearly system, a students application would only reflect their grades through their junior year of high school.

This change also allows the school to keep a student’s interest in their academics through the second semester as the year winds down, because the grades would be based on each semester. The group also said that over 90 percent of the schools in the state go by this system.

The second recommendation is that all classes be counted towards a students grade point average (GPA). For instance, under the former system, physical education and music classes do not count towards the student’s GPA, however they do earn credit for course completion.

“Another aspect is, how do you go tell a teacher…your class doesn’t count because it’s a PE class,” Hill asked aloud.

He also said that many other schools in the region currently allow those courses to count towards the student’s GPA.

Another recommendation is to adjust the school-wide grading scare to the following: +A (100-99), A (98-94), -A (93), +B (92-91), B (90-87), -B (86-85), +C (84-83), C (82-80), -C (79-77), +D (76-75), D (74-72), -D (71-70), F (69 or less).

This is a slight adjustment to the previous scale, where a student receiving a 74 percent or lower would be given a failing grade.

The fourth change would towards extracurricular activity eligibility. Currently, if a student is allowed to participate with one failing grade on his or her record. With the recommended scale adjustment, a student can not be failing any courses in order to participate in any activities.

After some discussion the motion was given and seconded. The recommendations passed with a unanimous vote, and will go into effect next year.

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