Basketball jamboree celebrates 35 years

The Regent Lions’ SW Basketball Jamboree began back in 1982, spearheaded by Lion members Curt Honeyman and Rod Meier.

Tournament Manager

The Regent Lions’ SW Basketball Jamboree began back in 1982, spearheaded by Lion members Curt Honeyman and Rod Meier. These two dedicated Lions managed this tournament for the first 25 years. In 2007, the current tournament manager, Bill Gion, stepped into this roll and has managed this Jamboree for the last 10 years.

Over these past 35 years, an estimated 3,300 student-athletes have participated in the Jamboree. Although the format of the Jamboree has evolved over these years, the focus of the Jamboree has never wavered! Thanks, goes out to all those have participated and supported the Jamboree in the past (you all know who you are); and, know the Jamboree continues to shine bright and strong into the future!

On Friday, March 31, and Saturday, April 1, 2017, the Regent Lions hosted the SW Basketball Jamboree at the Mott Armory in Mott. The proceeds from this fund raising tournament are used by the Regent Lions to support other youth activities in our communities throughout the year such as: the Mott Regent After-Prom, Future Business Leaders of America, Miss ND School presentations, Speech, Santa Claus Day, and Mathlete t-shirts.  The Regent Lions also supports medical fund raisers for kids and other individuals, and the annual Riverside Team Roping in Regent.

This Jamboree Tournament provides a safe and fun environment for area student athletes to come together and showcase their talents, in a sportsmanlike manner, with the opportunity to play on a team with some of the players they usually play against.  It creates new friendships and harbors respect for all opponents. The emphasis is team above individual and to have fun!

Seventy-one student athletes, grades 7-12, from 12 surrounding communities, participated in this fund-raising Jamboree tournament.  The student athletes included 43 boys and 28 girls from the communities of: Beach, Beulah, Elgin-New Leipzig aka Grant County, Flasher, Hebron, Hettinger, Mott-Regent, New England, New Salem, Richardton-Taylor and South Heart.

The student athletes are placed on a team in their respective Boy’s or Girl’s Division, striving to create a mix of schools, individual talent and ages, while maintaining a competitive balance. This year’s tournament had six (6) Boy’s teams and four (4) Girl’s teams. Also, new this year to the Jamboree, local businesses directly sponsored (at random) the teams.

The Boys’ Teams (6) and local sponsors included: Limitless Lime-Honeyman Gelbvieh Ranch of Regent; Outrageous Orange-Greff Electric of Mott; Gamin’ Gold-Carlson Angus Ranch of Regent; Battlin’ Blue-Cannonball Company of Regent; Gallopin’ Grey-KMM of Killdeer, Dickinson, Regent and Hettinger; Ragin’ Red-Messmer Trucking of Mott.

The girl’s teams and sponsors: Cagey Coral-Southwest Grain (Regent Branch); Tricky Teal-Cardinal Insurance of Mott; Passin’ Purple-Commercial Bank of Mott; Ready Raspberry-Laufer Trucking of Mott.

Competition and Recognition sponsors: boy’s free throw-Honeyman Seeds of Regent; girls free throw-goon Appraisal of Regent; boys 3-point-Subway of Dickinson; girls 3-point-Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants of Lefor; senior recognition (boys and girls)-Brad Greff Insurance Agency of Mott.

There were eighteen (18) games played during the Jamboree. On Friday afternoon, the Girls and Boys teams started the tournament with a slate of five (5) games, with all teams participating. On Saturday, starting in the morning and ending in the early evening, the remaining thirteen (13) games were played, including the Consolation and Championship divisional games and an exhibition local Amateur Game.

Also, on Saturday, the Free Throw and 3-Point contests, and Senior Recognition, took place:

•In the popular and fast paced, “Miss and Your Done” Free Throw Contest, the athletes participated in a Boys and Girls division.  The Boys Champion was Cody Perkins (10th – MRHS), with Nathan Roth (10th – E/NL) taking second and Brady Wegh (MR) taking third. The Girls Champion was Coral Alt (ninth – GC), with Jenaya Manolovits (11th– MR) taking second and Brooke Froelich (12th – Flasher) taking third. Trophies were awarded to each place.

•Next, the 3- point competitions were held and a total of forty-seven (47) contestants signed up: Boys (31) and Girls (16). Each contestant competed in their respective divisional First Round (30 seconds); and then, based on their performance, finalists were selected for the (1 minute) Finals Round.  The Finalist Boys (7) included: Tanner Slag (12th – NS), Tanner Zentner (11th–MR), Cole Erickson (11th- Beach), Dalton Miller (11th – MR), Issac Frey (10th – MR), Cody Perkins (10th – MR) and Dylan Woodbury (ninth – Flasher).  The Finalist Girls (4) included: Alexi Bentz (11th- GC), Erin Walcker (10th – Beulah) and Coral & Camryn Alt (ninth – GC- sisters).  Dylan Woodbury won the Gold in the Boys Contest making nine shots in one minute, Issac Frey (Silver) and Cole Erickson (Bronze). After a shoot-off tie breaker in the finals, Erin Walcker won the Gold in the Girls Contest making 11 shots in one minute, Camryn Alt (Silver) and Coral Alt (Bronze).

•Before the Consolation and Championship Games, a total of sixteen (10) seniors, 7 boys and 3 girls, were recognized in the Senior Recognition. They were thanked for their years of participation at the Jamboree and asked about their plans after high school. The winners of the gift card drawings were Maddie Johnson and Sean Hertz (both from MR).

In the Boy’s Consolation Games, Limitless Lime took fifth over Battlin’ Blue (59-52) led by their senior captain, Sean Hertz (MR); and, Ragin’ Red took third over Gallopin’ Grey (62-50) led by their senior captain, Brady Wegh (MR). The Girls third place went to Tricky Teal (37-28), led by their senior captain, Maddi Johnson (MR). Third place winners were given a Bronze Medal while the other participants all received Jamboree dog tags for participating.

In the Girl’s Championship Game, Cagey Coral played Passin’ Purple in a rematch, and although Passin’ Purple put up a good fight, Cagey Coral pulled away late in the second half and again prevailed 38 to 23, going undefeated (4-0) in the tournament. The championship team members which received Gold Medals included:  their senior captain, Ellie Messmer (12th – MR) Erin Walcker (10th Beulah), Ieesha Jordan (ninth – MR), Karagan Friedt (ninth – MR), Abby Hill (ninth – MR), Hadlee Gebhardt (seventh – RT) and Abigayle Bullinger (seventh – MR). Silver Medals were awarded to the Passin’ Purple team members for second place, led by their senior captain Brooke Froelich (Flasher).

In the Boy’s Championship Game, which featured two undefeated teams, Outrageous Orange, battled Gamin’ Gold. In a tough contest, Outrageous Orange dominated the glass and squeaked by 48-44, to remain undefeated @ 3-0. The championship team members which received Gold Medals included: their senior captain, Jacob Edinger (E/NL), Justin Cantwell (11th – NE), Juan Vidal (11th – NE), Dalton Miller (11th – MR), Cody Perkins (10th – MR), Caden McCormick (9th SH) and Logan Lutz (eighth – MR). Silver Medals were awarded to Gamin’ Gold team members for second place, led by their senior captains, Tanner Slag (12th – NS) and Dylan Ambers (12th – MR).

To serve the community, and to try something different and fun, the Jamboree ended with an exhibition local amateur game, with Mott-Regent basketball coaches Nate Zachmann and Taylor Zentner each compiling respective teams. Alumni and friends of these coaches came together and formed the teams (2). Both teams played hard, with plenty of fast and entertaining action for the fans! Zachmann’s team narrowly won 58-54, as it was decided in the final 5 seconds by both made and missed free throws! The plan is to have a rematch next year!

The concessions for the Jamboree were outstanding and delicious, as the Mott-Regent After Prom parents pulled out all the stops, and served the regular concessions enhanced with corn dogs, caramel rolls, pulled pork and burgers/brats off the grill! The Regent Lions is proud to support the worthy cause of the Mott-Regent After Prom and is very grateful for their efforts to support the Jamboree. Truly a win-win!

Other Jamboree volunteers and officials included: Shantel Herner and Haley Hill (clock/scorekeepers); Jean Gion & Tracy Krueger (registration); Kenny Messer and Patty Helfrich (gate); Dan Sayler, Lamont Gaugler, Darin Keller and Taylor Zentner (referees); Clark Gion (announcer). As usual, Roger Senn and family, the Armory custodian did a great job keeping the Armory clean! The Regent Lions is very grateful to these fine volunteers and officials for their unselfish support of the Jamboree and making it successful. Last, but certainly not least, the Regent Lions thanks all the kids for participating too!

Fun was had by all, with well-played games and new, life-long friendships made! Be sure to check us out on facebook @ Regent Lions and/or email The Regent Lion’s SW Basketball Jamboree will see you again next year as the journey continues!

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