Trio of area athletes make postseason roster

A trio of athletes from the Hettinger County area were named to the All-Region 7 team this postseason.

Tanner Zentner

By COLE BENZ | Herald Editor

A trio of athletes from the Hettinger County area were named to the All-Region 7 team this postseason.

Brady Wegh

Senior Cody Holt of New England, senior Brady Wegh and junior Tanner Zentner of Mott-Regent were named to the end-of-tournament roster. Wegh was also named Region 7 Senior Athlete of the Year with Dickinson Trinity’s Shawn Stoltz.


Holt has been a dominant presence in the post with New England since he arrived at the school as a sophomore. The 6-foot-8 senior led his team to an 11-12 overall record and a 2-5 regional record. The team was seeded No. 6 during the Region 7 tournament and advanced to the second round with a 65-47 win over Hazen on their home court.

The Tigers ultimately fell to the Heart River Cougars 86-64 in the second round game in Dickinson, ending their season.

Zentner and Wegh each have styles that compliment each other, Zentner with his long-range shooting, and Wegh’s ability to drive to the hoop through a pack of defenders at the post.

Zentner was a hot hand on the perimeter for the Wildfire, and his smooth shot took Mott-Regent to the third place game.

Zentner will be a senior next year, and with the absence of Wegh, Dylan Ambers, and Sean Hertz, seems to be inline to be one of the primary ball handlers on the team next year.

Wegh played each game like it was his last. At times it looked like he would throw himself through a plate glass window just to get to the hoop.

His effort was rewarded by his 1,000 career point, earning the point during a home game win against Bowman County on Jan. 20.

Zentner and Wegh led their team to a dominant start, at one point riding an eight-game win streak before falling to Dickinson Trinity on Feb. 7. The Wildfire went 17-7 on the season with a 5-2 regional record.

Cody Holt

A last-second basket by Hertz against Hettinger/Scranton put them in the semifinals of the Region 7 tournament before a loss to Trinity and Heart River put them in fourth place.

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