New England athletes finish wrestling season

Junior Harley Mischel and sophmore Tate Nordby from New England wrapped up their wrestling season this past month.

Harley Mischel (L) and Tate Nordby (R). (Photo by Rachel Bock/For The Herald)

For The Herald

Junior Harley Mischel and sophmore Tate Nordby from New England wrapped up their wrestling season this past month.

Mischel, who wrestled in the 182 pound weight class and Nordby who wrestled in the 145 pound weight class for Dickinson High School, and started their season this past November.

Mischel, who wrestled for three years in Arizona prior to moving to New England, is in his second season wrestling for Dickinson High.

This year’s season was a comeback season for Mischel as he took last season off due to a car accident that occurred in October 2016. Mischel broke four vertebrates in his neck and was told by his doctors that he wouldn’t be able to wrestle again.

However, Mischel decided that his love for the sport outweighed the risks that were involved and worked his way back on the wrestling mat for the 2016/17 season.

“I just kind of thought about it and I don’t want to have any regrets. I love the sport a lot and I decided to go back out anyway. I am just doing the impossible I guess. I have a lot more to improve on and more technique to work on, but it feels good to be back,” Mischel said.

For Mischel, making it to the state wrestling tournament next year is his main focus for his senior year. He is working hard to attain that goal during the off season by continuing to lift weights and he will also be attending club wrestling to learn more freestyle techniques.

New England sophmore Tate Nordby wrestled at the North Dakota State Tournament this past weekend in Fargo. This was Nordby’s third state tournament appearance that he has qualified for, and was entering the tournament as the seventh seed in his weight class.

Nordby won his first match of the tournament in overtime. His second match was against the number two seed from Mandan, and Nordby fell short to him with a score of 6-1.

To place in the tournament, Nordby’s third match was against his own teammate Jacob Alexander. Both Nordby and Alexander qualified for the State Tournament during different times this season and despite being on opposite ends of the bracket, luck would have it that they would have to face off with each other. Nordby lost to his teammate 3-0.

“We wrestle each other every day, and he knows exactly what you’re going to do. I made a mistake and he capitalized on it,” Nordby said.

Nordby who has his eyes on the State Tournament for next season, will also be working hard during the off season, as he plans on attending an intensive 28 day wrestling camp in Minneapolis, Minnesota this summer.

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