(DEVELOPING STORY) District 36 Rep. introduces legislation urging 3-class basketball system, 6-man football

A 3-class system?

By COLE BENZ | Herald Editor

State Rep. Mike Schatz of New England has introduced a resolution in the North Dakota Legislation urging the North Dakota High School Activities Association to form a 3-class system for the boys and girls basketball programs, and to develop a program to offer schools a 6-man football league.

According to Schatz, North Dakota and Delaware are the only two states in the United States that still limits their basketball formats to two classes.

North Dakota has had three classes in the past, but as roadways improved, the really small schools either closed or formed co-ops with other small schools when transportation developed.

“Everything got paved and people started driving, and the next thing you know little towns like that just dried up,” he said.

Schatz cited the extensive,daily travel required by some of the football co-ops just to practice as reason for looking into developing a smaller league.

Officially the resolution would only be a message to the activities association, but it wouldn’t mandate them to take any actions.

This is a developing, so pick up the Feb. 17 edition of The Herald to read the complete story.

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