Just For The Health of It relocating, looks to expand

It’s a new chapter in the book of the Mott-based health group Just For The Health of It.

By COLE BENZ | Herald Editor

It’s a new chapter in the book of the Mott-based health group Just For The Health of It.

In the first week of December, the group was given some bad news when founder Holly Ottmar was notified that the building they were renting was going to be sold. The owner had been interested in selling for some time, and the opportunity finally came. And the new owner was intending on using it for purposes other than a rental property, so Just For The Health of It had to find a new home by the end of the month.

But shortly after receiving this news, Ottmar was connected with Troy Mosbrucker, the mayor of Mott.

The Mott Armory is soon going to be empty due to the withdrawal of the National Guard. And Just For The Health of It was looking to fill any space available, it was a match made at just the right time.

“[Mosbrucker] was actually pretty excited to visit with me,” Ottmar said. “Because he thought that this would be great to move us in [the armory], and maybe there would be potential down the road for more of a gym like facility to the be established within there.”

Though they guard isn’t scheduled to completely vacate the building until August, they have already begun the process and moved some equipment already.

For the time being, Just For The Health of It will be renting a small space in the back of the building that fits the needs of the group: adequate space, high ceilings and a level floor.  Ottmar said there is a door that leads right into the space, so they can come right to the room for their classes.

“People that come for classes aren’t going to have to go through the entire armory they can just come in this kind of private door,” she said.

Currently the group offers yoga, the occasional circuit classes, postural enhancement classes along with their annual Zumba-thon and a variety of special speakers. But with the new space, Ottmar said she hopes to expand.

Recently Ottmar was contacted by a former Mott native, who currently operates a gym in Montana, and said she is getting new equipment and the old stationary bikes were available for purchase.

“It is something that I’ve wanted to incorporate at Just For The Health of It since the very beginning, but with the lack of space that we had it just was never going to work out for us to do it,” Ottmar said.

So a fundraiser has started to get the equipment. And the group has already been given approval for another room in the armory to house the cycles. The group is currently accepting donations for the endeavor.

Ottmar hopes that this will trigger more interest with a wider range of community members interested in getting in shape. Because she believes cycling is something that’s for a wider range of people.

“Cycle is a class that is a lot more user friendly,” she said. Ottmar sites the simplicity of riding a bicycle that everyone can do without much of a learning curve, if any. “It’s something that more people…they can jump on a bike and have a really, really, good cardio burn class,” she said.

She thinks this is going to help get more people involved in the Just For The Health of It movement.

“I really, really feel that this is something that’s going to be able to allow us to expand to more people, and to get more people involved,” she said.

Though her group is simply renting space in the armory, Ottmar hopes Just For The Health of It can start a chain reaction of creating a wellness environment, helped out by community and school involvement, in the armory.

“It’s a big goal, and it will take a lot of different things coming together, but I really do see that as the ultimate vision,” she said.

A grand opening was scheduled for Monday, Jan. 2, but inclement weather postponed the event. Photos and a virtual tour can be found on their Facebook page.

Ottmar said she is very grateful to the previous landlords for the opportunity to rent the space

“We’re really going to miss that space, it’s been wonderful for us, I do have a lot of gratitude,” she said. “But I am really, really excited that God has opened the door for a new place that we can continue to serve the community through, I can’t believe the timing of it, it gives me a really good feeling that this is something that’s suppose to continue.”

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