Mott/Regent Community Foundation awards $5,800 in grants

Community foundation gives out over $5,000 in grants this year.

For The Herald

Foundation board committee Alex Aldinger, Morgan Kouba, Kevin Carvell, Karen Kouba and Linda Swindler have selected the Mott Country Club and Golf course, the Mott Food Pantry and the Hettinger County Museum to receive their 2016 grants this year.

Visiting with Connie Haberstroh, Director of the Mott Food Panty, she explains; these generous dollars will help purchase hams for each of our needed families for Christmas, and in January and February we will be purchasing cases of canned fruit and vegetables. All the items are purchased locally from Olson Foods. The pantry is open the second Friday of every month from noon to 1 p.m. It can also be accessed through Jerry Rokusek (701-824-3236) if a person cannot make scheduled openings. “Presently,” Connie continues, “we are serving 28 households.” “We serve the

eastern Hettinger County area or for those in the know, our area was the old Mott School district before the annexation.”

Accepting the grant for the Mott Country Club and Golf course, Josh Herner says the dollars will be used for equipment repair, such as the greens mower.

Steve Sloan of the Hettinger County Museum in Regent looks forward to the dollars helping with inside repairs in the Pioneer and American Indian sections of the museum as well and much needed roof repairs. The Hettinger County Museum is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Visiting with Development Director for the Foundation, John Heinen, he reminds me the foundation began through the Ishmael and Rose Diede Estate in 2012. The earnings from the fund are given as grants every year to organizations serving the Mott/Regent and surround area. For donations to the Mott/Regent Foundation you may contact John at 701-590-4614 or by e-mail at They also have a website which can be viewed at You may also contact any of the committee members mentioned above.

Applications for grants are accepted through Oct. 1 each year. Applicants must be a 502© (3) non-profit tax exempt group, government agency or have a fiscal sponsor meeting these requirements.

Joyce Hinrichs is a writer and contributor of the Eido Connect in Mott.

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