Area may not see much snow, if any

Forecasts have predicted a snowy end to the week for much of the midwest.


By COLE BENZ | Herald Editor

Forecasts have predicted a snowy end to the week for much of the midwest. However, according to John Paul Martin, a Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Bismarck, said this part of the state may miss the big snowfall.

“Very little, if any, snow accumulation,” Martin said of the upcoming weather.

Much of the snow will be hitting areas south and east of Adams, Bowman, Hettinger and Slope counties.

“But, the storm that’s bringing the cold air in, and the wind, is tracking farther south,” Martin said. “[And] the farther east you go, towards Fargo, Wahpeton, Aberdeen, S.D., the more snow that there will be.”

But from southwest North Dakota to Williston, and Minot, Martin said snow should be at a minimum, if the area gets anything. But he did said areas like Aberdeen could see significant snowfall.

He said a few inches could fall in Bismarck, but reiterated that the farther east you go, the harsher the weather will be.

We won’t be free and clear from from adverse weather, however. Martin said that the four corner counties will experience high winds and colder temperatures. Highs for the end of the week could be at freezing, with lows dipping down to single digits.

He said the low temps wouldn’t necessarily me we avoid snow. Even with the low temperatures, flurries—which is snow—can still develop.

“It’s never too cold to snow,” Martin said.

Though we may avoid heavy accumulation, Martin said travelers should be advised if they are heading east or south, and that it’s important to track the forecast throughout the entire trip.

“You want to not only look at [your local forecast], but you want to look at the forecast along your route, and then your destination point,” Martin said.

Martin also added that after this week, temperatures should moderate again and be along usual trends typical for the third week of November, which would be in the high 40s.

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