2016 Mott-Regent Volleyball Preview

Mott-Regent open season with good height, and high expectations

2016 Mott-Regent Volleyball Team. (Courtesy Photo)
2016 Mott-Regent Volleyball Team. (Courtesy Photo)

By COLE BENZ | Herald Editor

The Wildfire have a high number of players out for the volleyball team this year, and eighth-year head coach Aryn Hansen said she is excited to see so many out for the team.

“I’m really happy with the numbers this year,” Hansen said.

Twenty girls make up the 2016 Mott-Regent team this year, including six incoming freshman, which is a pretty good sized class, according to Hansen.

The team lost five seniors to graduation last year: Sadie Ambers, Alyssa Meyers, Abby Kautzman, Amber Friedt, and Kaitlyn Duncan.

Five seniors make up this year’s upperclassmen: MaLynn Kautzman, Maddie Johnson, Sabrina Kienzle, Andrea Klein, and Ellie Messmer.

Hansen said three underclassmen will be starting this year for the varsity team. She said that Bree Friedt, Eden Wallace, and Madison Meier are proven competitors and have worked hard at their craft. They have earned it she said.

“They’re just willing to work,” Hansen said.

Opposing offenses will have to scout for the Wildfire’s height in the middle of the net. According to Hansen, two of her middle starters will account for nearly 12 feet of height at the net.

“We have a lot of height at the net in the middle so hopefully we can get a lot of blocking,” Hansen said. “I think our defense is going to be pretty good.”

Hansen said her team will continue to work on serving, something she said they will work on throughout the whole season.

“We’ve always struggled with serving, [and] making sure we get it over every time for the easy points,” she said.

Hansen added that serving is something that volleyball players from around the world still struggle with, saying that “even in the olympics you see people with missed serves.”

She is confident about her team’s chances in the region this season. Knowing the different teams and the changes they’ve made throughout the region, she has expectations to compete with them all.

“This year it is a pretty level playing field based on the teams, the seniors they’ve lost and the [players] coming up,” Hansen said. “I expect the Wildfire to compete with everyone and make it a great year.”

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