Its Christmas time, in New England

YES!  It’s Christmas time—time for ‘Christmas in New England’, that is!  And it will be number five!

Performance from last year's event. (Courtesy Photo)
Performance from last year’s event. (Courtesy Photo)

YES!  It’s Christmas time—time for ‘Christmas in New England’, that is!  And it will be number five!

FACE of New England (Fine Arts, Culture & Events), the local arts committee, has been meeting and moving forward planning their 5th Annual Christmas production.  Performances are set for the week before Thanksgiving – Nov. 18, 19 and 20, at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in New England.

FACE of New England is pleased to announce that Conway Heupel, from Dickinson, will direct the choir and production of ‘Christmas in New England V’.  Conway was born and raised in Culbertson, Mont..  He graduated from DSU in 2006 and has been the “music man” at New England Public School since then – he will begin his ninth year of teaching this fall.  He is married to Heather (Cote) and they have three lively children–Dominique, Gus, and Bridget Rae.

The community choir will be the backbone of the show, with a full show of religious, inspirational and secular Christmas music.  Things are still in the early planning stages, but women’s and men’s choirs, ‘Cinco-pation’ (the acc-apella men’s group), solos, small groups, a young people’s choir, and fun, novelty numbers will be part of the show.  And as always, the Living Nativity.

Rehearsals are set for Sunday evenings from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., beginning Aug. 21 in the Music Room at the New England Public School.

‘Christmas in New England’ has become a tradition, and anticipation for ‘Christmas in New England V’ is mounting.  If you like to sing, have fun and be around really fun people, this experience is for you.  Everyone is welcome and there are no auditions.  Please come and join the fun.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the FACE of New England committee members – Michelle McCormack  563-4621, Julie Opdahl  579-4160,  Nancy Belland  579-4782 or Toni Jung  579-4698.

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