Hettinger, Slope County residents cast their votes

The results are in.
Voters from Hettinger and Slope Counties headed to the polls on Tuesday, June 14 to cast their ballots during the primary election.

BY COLE BENZ | Herald Editor | cbenz@countrymedia.net


The results are in.
Voters from Hettinger and Slope Counties headed to the polls on Tuesday, June 14 to cast their ballots during the primary election.
Hettinger County
On the county ballot, a sales tax measure passed 493 to 263. The measure would impose a half cent sales tax within Hettinger County “designated to be used for emergency services, including the provision of city policing, emergency medical services, air ambulance services, and fire rescue services to both rural and urban areas count-wide.”
According to the measure, the tax would be capped so the maximum tax imposed wouldn’t exceed $25 on any given transaction.
On a separate ballot, constituents approved the formation of an ambulance district for New England and an ambulance district for Regent. This will allow those two entities to levy up to 10 mills to support their operations.
For county commission, incumbents John Plaggemeyer and Ron Friedt ran uncontested.
State Representatives for District 36 were also included in this primary election, and will go on to the general election in November.
Running on the Republican ticket was incumbent Mike Schatz, Luke Simons, and Alan Fehr. Schatz received 191 votes and Simmons with 131 votes. Fehr received 102 votes.
Running on the Democrat ticket was Dean Meyer and Linda Kittilson. Meyer received 208 votes and Kittilson received 207 votes. Both will go to the general election in November.
City of Mott
Incumbents Corey Johnson, Gene Steiner, and Michelle Quamme ran uncontested.
City of Regent
Two seats on the Regent City Council were up for election, with Terry Hartman, Gary Greff, Scott Schenk, and Leian Keator running.
Hartman received 43 votes and Schenk received 28 votes, winning the two seats. Greff received nine votes and Keator received 15.
City of New England
There were two contested elections for New England City Council. Walter ‘Butch’ Frank and Rodney Cockeram ran for the seat left open by Lisa Plaggemeyer. Frank won with 76 votes, with Cockeram receiving 28 votes.
Current councilman Lyle Kovar was up for re-election. Marilyn Jacobs ran against him but lost as Kovar received 70 votes to her 36.
Slope County
Scott Ouradnik and Len Sadler ran for a seat on the Slope County Commission. Ouradnik came out ahead with 111 votes to Sadler’s 44. Though the county commission candidates will be on the ballot again for the general election in November.
This primary election was the first year Hettinger County used the mail-in voting method, and county auditor Jeri Schmidt said she thought it went pretty well. She was in the middle of checking her overall ballot numbers from this year to the last primary election, but didn’t have those comparisons by press time.
She had previously mentioned to The Herald that they might move the single polling location to another town within the county, but said that it is something they will have to revisit in two years.
Schmidt said that voting will be mail-in with one location, in Mott, for the general election on November.
All results are unofficial until the respected canvassing meetings.

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