Regent girl collects items to send to soldiers

One little girl wanted to do something special for our soldiers.

Alexzandria stands by the items she has collected for veterans and deployed soldiers. (Courtesy Photo)
Alexzandria stands by the items she has collected for veterans and deployed soldiers.
(Courtesy Photo)

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Alexzandria Kellogg, 8, came home one day and told her mom she wanted to start sending care packages to veterans and deployed soldiers. The random act of kindness sort of stunned her family. According to her mother, Tamatha Stark, Kellogg hadn’t heard anything about this in school, nor had she been told about how these packages can greatly impact the lives of those overseas.

She just thought of it.

“It was kind of out of the blue, she came home from school one day and told us that she just wanted to start doing care packages,” Stark said. “It was just amazing how serious and gung-ho [she was] about it.”

Stark said they have no idea how she came up with this idea, she just decided that’s what she was going to do.

She started her collecting on March 1, and as time went on, Kellogg got better at asking for donations. She went to the Regent co-op store, who gave her a nice donation, and she asked friends and family for donations too. But for the most part, she has paid her own way to helping the service men and women.

“She’s taking her own money and doing this, it’s just amazing that her heart is that big,” Stark said.

Kellogg earns money for good grades and helping out around the house, and her mother said they have been very supportive and match dollar for dollar what she raises.

She has mostly concentrated on hygiene items for the soldiers. Stark said items have included soap, shampoo, deodorant, and boot powder.

“Things that they really need overseas that they really just don’t have access too,” she said.

Stark also said that Kellogg also has concentrated on items for women.

Stark County Veterans Service Officer Jessica Clifton told them that many items donated usually are tailored towards male soldiers, so Kellogg decided to help out her fellow ladies.

The items have begin to pile up at the house, so they’ve decided to finally donate everything that’s been collected.

“Now that she’s got a decent amount we’re ready to turn it in,” Stark said.

Clifton said that the items donated will help 55 soldiers from the Bismarck 945th Army Reserve Unit.

“It’s truly amazing what one little girl can do with her money from her piggy bank and with the help of her family, friends and other local sponsors that donated to her cause,” Clifton said.

But Kellogg isn’t done.

No, she plans on starting over again for another big donation.

“She definitely can’t wait to get started again,” Stark told The Herald.

What has been most impressive to her mother is that she has taken this task all on her own, with little to no help or push from friends or family.

“At eight years old, I just thought that was unbelievably impressive,” Stark said.

As they look towards the next donation, Stark said they are going to be more formal, so when they ask for donations from others outside of friends and family, people will know that these items are actually going to soldiers.

Stark said that her daughter would rather accept donations of items instead of cash, so people can go out, buy the item and know that what they are donating will go to a soldier.

If anyone wishes to donate, Stark can be contacted at the Q-Grill in Dickinson at 701-300-0975.

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