New England graduate receives scholarship

Consolidated awarded more than $4,000 in scholarships to students from around the area, including one from New England.

Jenna Ehlis
Jenna Ehlis

Consolidated recently awarded $4500.00 in scholarships to area students. “Consolidated has over a 55 year history of supporting the communities we serve and our scholarship program is just one of the ways we are involved. We congratulate the winners that were selected from among the many outstanding applications we received “said Paul Schuetzler, General Manager, Consolidated.   Dickinson winners are Suzanna Moberg of Dickinson High School, Paige Amann and Katherine Kessel of Trinity High School.

Jenna Ehlis, New England High School, Tristen Polensky, South Heart High School and Michael Shirek, Hettinger High School, are the remaining winners.  Judging was done by Vaune Johnson, Ralph Weisenberger, Brent Bautz, Rhonda Dukart, Carol Bang and Michelle Stevier-Johanson.

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