Election 2016: A problem like HRC

When you become a Ggovernment Eemployee, especially when critical classified information is involved, Uncle Sam makes you sign a Nnon-Ddisclosure Aagreement (NDA).

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Note: The following is entirely based on and sourced from the timeline created and curated by Paul Thompson at www.thompsontimeline.com, the State Department Inspector General Audit Report, and my own additional research into this topic. 

Ballot and hand (CMYK)When you become a Government Employee, especially when critical classified information is involved, Uncle Sam makes you sign a Nnon-Ddisclosure Aagreement (NDA).

You also swear an oath to protect the integrity of classified information. This oath is made under penalty of perjury, acknowledging that you are obligated to safeguard state secrets. It This obligation is ironclad and absolute, and cannot be avoided or evaded by forgetfulness or any other form of negligence.

For context, just during the Obama Administration alone, more people have been charged under the archaic Espionage Act than any other in our nation’s history.

Historically, this act was used to prosecute actual espionage. Under Obama, this law is used to punish negligent government employees, whistle blowers such as Edward Snowden, and small timepetty opportunists leaking information to the press.

Ultimately, all of these prosecutions circle back to the NDA and the Ooath theyemployees make when they are hired on. It doesn’t matter if the mishandled information isn’t seen or compromised by a third party,; the very fact the information is compromised is enough for the Government to throw the book at you.

That is unless your name is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

While these dispatches are supposed intended to break down and analyze the convoluted road through Indecision 2016, I need to put this out on Front Street.:

When I first started this piece, it was in an attempt to try to explain the convoluted narrative surrounding Secretary Clinton and her pesky emails. But with the recent revelations coming out of the Inspector General audit into her years at the State Department, quite a bit that was presented as humble research has been verified as fact.


Clinton should not be in the race. Full stop.

For this reason, her policies and campaign really aren’t relevant to me, and shouldn’t be relevant to anyone, reallyany of us. Unfortunately for you dear reader, all that matters is Clinton’s emails, and the off-site home-brew server she kept secret from the State Department and our Intelligence Agencies.

I don’t have the space to break this issue down in any in any significant wayfor a detailed explanation, so I will begin with an analogy.

For three months, Hillary’s has a house without has no locks for three months. If you know where the house is, you can just open the door and entercould access at any time..

Hillary still gets mail during this time and anyone could come in and see it/, read it, or /copy it.

Hillary decides to add locks but gives the mailman a key to get in and drop off the mail. During this time, that key could get copied by anyone since the mailman left ift on the seat of the mail truck.

Eventually, Hillary locked up the house. It wasn’t soon enough or fast enough to keep the key from getting copied. Those people with it can still get into her house and read her mail and steal the Publisher’s Clearing House check.

In reality, the house was a computer server tucked away in the Clinton Family basement, and which eventually was put in the custody of an IT company called Platte River Networks in Colorado.

The web address used for her email server, was clintonemail.com.

While the server did have some safeguards in place, they were woefully inadequate for the job of protecting her communications. One in particular, Sha1 Hash Encryption, was deemed vulnerable and obsolete by the mid-2000s. In fact, most leaders in the tech industry have phased it out in favor of more secure options.

Sha1 encryption is literally 64,000 times less secure than the encryption used to protect the servers of the website Ashley Madison, which was infamously hacked in 2015.

The substandard encryption is additionally rendered moot by to the fact that all emails sent to and from Hillary’s Bblackberry to this server were sent over the Internet in plain text without any encryption whatsoever.

The result is that the Secretary of State of the United States, took an oath, signed an NDA, and willfully violated both.

But why would someone appointed to such an important role, especially someone as experienced as Mrs. Clinton, do such a thing?

You’ll find out, in the next dispatch.

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