Good samaritans decorate empty gravestones on Memorial Day

Looking to do something nice on Memorial Day, one couple ventured out into the rainy weather to honor those lost.

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A red ribbon is tied around a gravestone in honor of Memorial Day. (Courtesy Photo)

Herald Editor 

During the pouring rain, a couple went to Rainy Butte Cemetery south of New England and dressed empty gravestones with red, white and blue ribbons in honor of Memorial Day. The duo, who wished to remain anonymous, said they wanted to do something special for the occasion.

Regularly commuting on that section of highway, they take a glance at the little cemetery every time they pass, and throughout the weekend they noticed that while some graves had been blessed with flowers and flags, some were left empty.

The compassion in their hearts was too great, and so they ventured out in the cold, windy, raining weather and put up about 50 ribbons. Some headstones had just one color while others were decorated with all three colors of our nation.

Though it is usually a time to remember fallen soldiers, the duo concluded that given the age of some of the grave markers, they would have had some relation to someone who had served our nation, be it a friend or relative.

The two didn’t pick and choose who should be honored. They put ribbons on any empty gravestones, from the elderly deceased to those who lost their lives before reaching adulthood. They event honored those lost in infancy.

The couple started around the noon hour on Memorial Day and worked for over an hour in the inclement weather. But they completed their goal, and hope that others see the gesture and know that those lost won’t soon be forgotten.

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