Mott/Regent Prom 2016 (Photos & Video)

It was a ‘Magic Moment’ on Saturday, April 16 in the Mott/Regent gymnasium.

Herald Editor

The 2016 junior-senior prom, themed ‘This Magic Moment,’ started at 7:30 p.m. with the Grand March. Twenty-five couples, dressed in their best, walked through the elaborate staircase and pillar decorations in the middle of the gym floor as each one was announced.

Following each couples’ walk, the names of the junior class prom royalty were announced.

2016 Junior Prom Royalty (Photo by Cole Benz/The Herald)
2016 Junior Prom Royalty (Photo by Cole Benz/The Herald)

The girls nominated included Amber Patton, Eleanore Messmer, Sabrina Kuienzle, MaLynn Kautzman and Maddison Johnson.

The boys included Dylan Ambers, Cade Blickensderfer, Sean Hertz, Levy Keaton and Brady Wegh.

Crown bearers were Ashlyn Swinder, James Belile, and Zakariah Messmer.

Each crown bearer had an envelope containing the winner. Last year’s prom royalty, Amber Friedt and Reed Hintz, were in charge of opening and crowing the next king and queen.

Both Friedt and Hintz kept the suspension going when they hovered over each candidate with the crown, ultimately setting down the royal hardware on MaLynn Kautzman and Sean Hertz for the 2016 junior prom royalty.

Following the royalty crowning, friends and relatives were given 30 minutes of picture-taking time before they were asked to leave the gym so the students could begin their dance.

The couples listed in the program were:

Sabrina Kienzle and Benjamin Wood

Alyssa Myers and Cade Blickensderfer

Eleanore Messmer and Cade Blickensderfer

Amber Friedt and Hunter Crist

Haley Hill and Brady Wegh

Kaitlyn Duncan and Travis Anderson

MaLynn Kautzman and Josiah Billock

Amber Patton and Levi Keator

Jasmine Hauge and Dylan Ambers

Breanna Friedt and Sean Hertz

Alicia Billock and Brett Messmer

Madison Stewart and David Steinke

Megan Belile and Dalton Miller

Abbey Kautzman and Chance Roth

Alivia Johnson and Jordan Peterson

Erica Belzer and Dalton Schaefer

Hope Martin-Geerts and Brian Ericsson

Hannah Billock and Tyler Eggers

Andrea Klein and Jack Hofland

Kayden Gunwale and Austin Belile

Elina Jetton and Teddy Mayer

Samantha Condon and Caleb Southerland

Lexus Patton and Rory Hintz

Kathryn Herring and Michael Mayer

Sadie Ambers and Dane Kruger

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