Positions open throughout Hettinger County

In midst of a national election season filled with primaries, caucuses, and delegates, there is plenty to think about locally when it comes time to vote on June 14.

positionsBy COLE BENZ | Herald Editor | cbenz@countrymedia.net
The Hettinger County Commission, consisting of three members, has two open seats. Seats occupied by John Plaggemeyer and Ron Friedt are up for election.
The Hettinger County State’s Attorney position is also up for election. Amy Pikovsky was appointed late last year and will have to run for the 2-year unexpired term previously held by James Gion, who resigned to accept a judgeship position with the Southwest District Court system.
Interested candidates need to fill out a statement of interest, petition a certificate of nomination and submit an affidavit of candidacy.
The City of Mott will feature three open spots on the ballot this year for city council. Seats occupied by Gene Steiner, Michelle Quamme, and Corey Johnson will be up for vote. The terms are four years and interested candidates must get an application at City Hall and submit it will a petition of 28 signatures from city residents.
The Mott Park Board also has a few seats open for election. Pam Meier, Dean Wehri, and Becky Johnson will each have their candidacy up for vote this year. Terms are for four years. Six people sit on the Mott Park Board.
Voting in Mott will take place at the Armory.
The City of New England will have three spots open for election this year. Voters will cast their ballots for seats occupied by Lisa Plaggemeyer, Lyle Kovar, and Tom Gorek. Plaggemeyer was appointed last year, so that seat will be on a two year unexpired term. Seats occupied by Kovar and Gorek will be for four year terms.
New England City Auditor Jason Jung said interested candidates can apply to be on the ballot by completing an application and statement of interest, 18 signatures are required to complete the process. Forms can be picked up at City Hall, Jung said.
“If people are interested in public service, and serving the community,” Jung said. “I encourage people to put out an application.”
The New England Park Board will also have a few seats open.
Billy Koffler’s seat will be up for a four year term, while another four year position, currently not occupied, will be available, according to Sherry Wolf.
With the elevator project getting closer to completion, Jung said polling will take place at the Memorial Hall this year. As a backup plan, if they Hall isn’t ready for the June election, voting will take place at New England Public School.
Regent will have two city council seats and the Fire Marshall position open for election. Current Mott Fire Marshall Terry Hartman will be up for re-election along with city council seats occupied by Leian Keaton and Gary Greff.
Interested candidates should pick up an application with Regent City Auditor Karen Kouba or visit ND.gov. Part of the process to get on the ballot, applicants will be required to get five signatures on a petition.
A final list of candidates who have file was not available as there is an April 11 filing deadline.

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