Missoula Children’s theater returning

Back by popular demand, the New England Tiger Booster Club will be hosting the Missoula Children’s Theatre (MCT) April 4-9.

By RACHEL BOCK | Herald Reporter


This year the sponsored production will be Rapunzel, and any child in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade are welcome to audition for this year’s performance. In every MCT production there are speaking and non-speaking roles, and a part in the play is found for every child who auditions.
Auditions will begin Monday April 4, with rehearsals to follow Tuesday through Friday of that week. The week will conclude with two performances of ‘Rapunzel’ on Saturday April 9, at the Memorial Hall.
This is the third year that the booster club has hosted the event. Despite not having a school drama program at New England School, they had the idea to bring the Missoula Children’s Theatre to town to give the students an introduction into the world of theatre arts.
The children’s theatre has been a welcoming experience for the children of New England, as the participation has more than doubled from the first production.
The Missoula Children’s Theatre has a mission to develop life skills in children through participation in the performing arts. “The lesson they learn is that all of them are necessary for the show to go on”.
“MCT strives to use participation in the performing arts as a vehicle to develop life skills including social skills, communication skills, self-discipline, a strong work ethic, an understanding of team concept, and self-esteem.”
To make the production a success, and to ensure that everything runs smoothly, the New England Booster Club is in need of assistants to help out during the week of rehearsals. Helpers are needed to assist with break time snacks, to help answer questions, and to also supervise the children during both performances.
The booster club is also accepting donations for non-sugary snacks for Saturday, April 9. If anyone is interested in helping with the Children’s Theatre please contact Kyra Frank, or Adrien Kathrein.

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