Ag in The Classroom held in Hettinger County

On March 11, 2016 the Hettinger County Extension Office and Jim Jeske, from the ND Department of Agriculture, conducted Ag in the Classroom presentations in the Mott/Regent elementary and the New England elementary schools with grades kindergarten through sixth grade.

Ag In the Classroom 2016 (RGB)

Two hundred sixty-six students and approximately 15 teachers and para-professionals had the opportunity to learn about Bees and their importance in North Dakota’s agriculture.  It was explained to the students the important role that Bees play in their everyday lives. They learned the differences between the queen, male and female bee and their contributions to the hive, what each member’s role is and how honey is retrieved from the hive for human consumption, in addition to other bi-products, such as candles.
The students were amazed to learn that there are around 90,000 Bees that live in a commercial hive and that approximately 2,000 bees die each day in the hive and 2,000 bees are born into the hive each day!  The students learned that Bees help pollinate our area crops, fruit trees, gardens and flowers and that in reality they do not exist to provide honey for humans, but rather produce honey for themselves to survive during the winter months.
The Hettinger County Extension office was able to make up grab bags for the teachers and students that included honey sticks, coloring packets, crayons, fried snack peas, word find games, and some take home project ideas, also included were some bee wax candles, catalogs, and brochures.  The following businesses helped make those goodies available to the students and teaching staff.  Mott Farm Service Agency, Farm Credit Services, The ND Department of Agriculture, The ND Pulse Growers Association, and the ND National Honey Bee Association

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