Local student Mathletes compete in county math contest

Middle school Mathletes from Hettinger County competed in the county contest of the MATHCOUNTS® Competition Series on Friday, February 12th in Mott.

A total of 2 schools and 16 students competed from New England and Mott-Regent. Shannay Witte, teacher at New England Public, brought two teams. Michelle Koepplin of Mott-Regent also brought two teams.

Awards were given for the first place team and the top 3 scoring individuals. The first place individual was Molly Rayhorn from New England, the second place individual was Emma Honeyman from Mott-Regent, and the third place individual was Ryan Doe from Mott-Regent. The first place team was from Mott-Regent and the team members were Emma Honeyman, Ryan Doe, Kaden Auch and Blake Rafferty.

Other students who competed on the four teams that participated were Jasmine Augere (NE), Emily Dinius (NE), Grace Dinius (NE), Wyatt Dorner (NE), Leah Ehlis (NE), Sam Huether (M-R), Nathan Kaufman (NE), Callen Kruger (M-R), Katarina Messmer (M-R), Jordan Ottmar (M-R), Brenna Wert (NE).

Teachers and students have been preparing for the competition since the fall. Students compete individually and as teams in several different written exams. Subjects include algebra, probability, statistics and geometry. Winners may advance to the state MATHCOUNTS finals, to be held in Bismarck on April 4th, 2016.

MATHCOUNTS is a national program designed to improve math skills among U.S. students. The program focuses on middle school students, who are at a crucial stage in developing and sustaining math interest and ability. Students who do not begin developing strong problem-solving, logical thinking and analytical abilities in middle school will face an uphill battle later in life if they wish to pursue a medical, scientific, mathematical, engineering or technical career.

The 2016 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series will consist of approximately 40,000 students, representing more than 5,300 schools from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, U. S. territories and Department of Defense and State Department affiliated schools.

The National Sponsors of MATHCOUNTS are Raytheon Company, Northrop Grumman Foundation, U.S. Department of Defense, National Society of Professional Engineers, CNA Foundation, Phillips 66, Texas Instruments Incorporated, 3Mgives, Art of Problem Solving and NextThought. MATHCOUNTS was founded by the National Society of Professional Engineers, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and CNA Foundation.

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