New England swept by Hettinger/Scranton Night Hawks

The Tigers had trouble with the Night Hawk long-range basket as number 13 was back with his 3-point shooting as Hettinger-Scranton won their fourth straight game with a 66-43 win over New England at Scranton on Jan 26.

Brady Bender (CMYK)
Senior Brady Bender sets up a play against the Hettinger/Scranton Night Hawks. (Photo by Cole Benz/The Herald)


Hayden Sadowsky had not been firing away past the 3-point line in a consistent manner since the season started, but he was on target this night.  He nailed eight 3-pointers and totaled 37 for the evening.  The whole team was playing aggressive defense and fast paced.   Night Hawk defense was particularly tough on 6-foot-8 Cody Holt of the Tigers as he was held to just two points in the first half.  Holt ended up with team leading 17 points but 15 of those came in the second half when the game was well in hand and the Night Hawks were substituting freely. The half time score was 31-16 and the Night Hawks increased the lead to 56-25 after scoring 25 in the third quarter, 19 from Sadowsky.  Frustration was evident for New England as two technical fouls were called on them, one on a player and the other on the coach.  It was a packed house in the Scranton gym as Hettinger/Scranton won the first two games also, to sweep the evening. Brett Christopherson had a good night as he scored 13 to lead the C team to a 46-34 victory over the Tigers C team.  Jacob Dix added 11 and had six rebounds. The Night Hawk JV team got off to a quick start by outscoring the Tigers 26-11 in the first quarter and kept adding to the lead in the next three quarters.  The Night Hawk’s offense managed to get numerous players open near the basket for easy shots and their defense gave them many fast break layups off of steals. Tate Resner led the way in scoring for HS with 18 counters which included four 3-pointers.  Jaxon Mellmer added 15 and Jordan Dilse with 12. John Wolf led the Tigers with 10 and Devin Wert added eight.Varsity Stats: New England: C. Holt 17, B. Bender 11, D. Sorenson 8, H. Wolf 4, M. Petri 3. Hettinger/Scranton: H. Sadowsky 37, T. Maychrzak 7, S. Kludt 5, P.n Pierce 4, N. Weaver 2, J. Dilse 2, B. Pierce 1, T. Resner 2, J. Mellmer 2, I. Kludt 2, J. Hill 2.

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