Enchanted Highway makes national list

The Enchanted Highway is back in the national spotlight.

Enchanted Highway Gift Shop (CMYK)

By COLE BENZ | Herald Editor | cbenz@countrymedia.net

Only months after Gary Greff—creator of the famed metal sculptures—broke North Dakota records on Kickstarter, his collection has made the list of 50 places to visit in the 50 states by the Lifestyle section on MSN.com. The article slideshow, titled ‘America’s Greatest Hits: 50 Trips in 50 States’, lists Greff’s art as the place to visit in North Dakota. The photo MSN used was of the ‘Teddy Rides Again’ sculpture, and the caption reads: “Street art has another meaning in North Dakota, where 32 miles of otherwise unremarkable highway has become an art gallery. Driving the “Enchanted Highway,” from the town of Regent to just east of Dickinson, means spotting a collection of the world’s largest scrap metal sculptures, by local artist Gary Greff. The many roadside artworks date back to 1991, with more still in progress. —C.D. & A.P.” Greff said he was notified by the Dickinson Visitors and Convention Bureau about two weeks ago. He said he had to look it up just to see what the list was all about. When he realized how big the website and article was, he was quite amazed at the honor of having his art being chosen above everything else in North Dakota. “It was amazing, it meant something,” Greff said. In the past couple of years Greff’s story and his art have made national headlines with the Huffington Post and Kickstarter’s blog page. It was also chosen as the setting of promotional commercials for the FX show “Fargo.” Grief never thought his collection would receive this kind of attention. “No I didn’t, I guess I never planned on it,” Greff said. “I never even thought of it being that way.” He looks at the attention as a positive thing, telling The Herald that what ever he is doing must be working if people are paying attention to it. He said it also makes him feel like what he is doing is worth it. He’s a humble man with his art, and rarely goes out and advertises, he just does his work and lets the people come to the attraction. “When I get recognition like that, they looked up and found me, I think that’s great,” Greff said. He said it is hard to tell right now if all the attention has turned into an uptick in traffic on the highway, he said winter is slow and that it would be easier to tell during the warmer months. Right now Greff is working on two new sculptures that will rest on the property of his Enchanted Castle restaurant, a knight and a dragon. The knight will be 35 feet tall and the dragon will be stand at about 45 feet. The knight will be the first to be constructed and should be finished before spring and Greff said he would like to see the dragon finished by this fall. He had been working on a spider web design but has to wait until he finds land for it to stand.

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