Mott area citizens rising to the challenge

It’s always been known that the Mott area community has tremendous pride in everything they do, especially for important community projects.


By Ted Uecker | Fund Development Officer WRHS Foundation

So it’s no surprise that they are absolutely rising to the occasion in support of a challenge presented by one of their area citizens – to improve the patient exam rooms at their local West River Health Services Mott Clinic.

It all began a year ago with a $10,000 gift from an area citizen who wanted to improve the WRHS Mott Clinic. WRHS added $5,000 and two of the patient exam rooms at the Mott Clinic were renovated beautifully into the 21st century. Now this same person has offered to give another $5,000 – if the Mott area community can raise half a match or $7,500.

The Mott City Council stepped up to the front line first and offered a dollar for dollar match up to $5,000! Wilbur-Ellis Grain Co. came next with a handsome $2,000 gift. The Commercial Bank of Mott, always leading the charge for community improvements, added $1,000 – as did a WRHS physician’s family! The Mott Bus Service and Mott Lions Club jumped in with terrific gifts as well.

And now the citizens are coming forward! Recently we received a $500 gift! And before that gifts ranging from $30-$100! It appears that we will be renovating more than just the remaining two patient exam rooms. But you can rest assured that every cent received for this Matching Project will be spent toward improvements to the WRHS Mott Clinic – not toward the Hettinger hospital or any other WRHS satellite clinics.

On Monday, Jan. 18, 7:15 pm, West River Health Services will be presenting this “Mott Area Community Matching Challenge” to the public at the Playhouse Theatre on Mott’s Main Street. Everyone is welcome to attend. Bring your neighbors, family and friends. Why not? The popcorn and pop is complimentary – and cool “Wildfire” door prizes to boot! Dr. Willoughby, CEO Jim Long, Lori Hill and her staff at the Mott Clinic, and other dignitaries will be there. We welcome everyone to attend and hear about West River and this “Matching Challenge.”

Gifts can be of any size — $5, $20, $100, $500. The WRHS Foundation believes that it’s your money. You can decide what to do with it. Hopefully, you’ll consider keeping your gifts local. And, what’s more important than your health? We always thought maybe family, religion, country, professions, hobbies, etc – but without your health, you can’t enjoy any of these. With that in mind, we have distributed posters and donor cards throughout the area businesses for people to learn about the “Challenge” and consider giving to the cause. Of course, any gifts can be dropped off at the Mott Clinic or mailed to WRHSF, Memo: Mott Clinic, 1000 Highway 12, Hettinger, ND 58639.  In addition, we have sent out an 800 piece mailing inviting all to attend the “Community Meeting” on the 18th.

After all, what’s more important than our health? Thank you for supporting our efforts. It’s because of dedicated local families, businesses and organizations; that West River Health Services is able to continue to offer top-quality healthcare to the good citizens of rural Western Dakota. Until next time, to keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.

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