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Happy New Year!  It is that time of the year again where we close out another year and hopefully look forward to the opportunities that exist in the upcoming New Year.

Kelly Koppinger
Kelly Koppinger

By KELLY KOPPINGER | New England Public School Superintendent

When the holiday season comes to an end and all the festivities are over, we are looking at a new beginning – a New Year. This new beginning can be a time to set in place new things to learn and do, or it can be a time of consolidation of things you’re already passionately pursuing. Another alternative might be to simply contemplate where you are at in life so far. Whatever your preferred approach to the New Year is, it’s nice to start feeling refreshed and focused, ready to get back into things you’re working on or to get started on new things.

As a part of the New Year celebration, many of us will make resolutions to accomplish our goals in the upcoming year. We will think about things we would like to do better this year or new things we would like to try.  We might want to make amends with or start over with people we have had some disagreements with in the past. We may ask ourselves, have we achieved the things we wanted to in the past year? Or, what specific things would we like to change or redirect? Asking ourselves questions about progress, change and where you want to be right now can help to keep our perspective fresh, giving us renewed motivation to make this year a more fulfilling one.

As I reflect upon where we are as a school system, here are some educational resolutions I hope we can work towards together to continue to make our schools the best they can possibly be.

•To identify and nurture the gifts of students, staff, and community members.

•To support the growth of each individual student – Every Student Succeeds.

•To continue to create and use assessments that truly measure student progress and use these assessment results to guide our teaching.

•To value other people’s perspectives and to celebrate and appreciate our differences, no matter what they may be.

•To effectively give our students the skills necessary to be productive, responsible, and successful.

•To continue to provide opportunities within our curriculum for students to explore beyond our classrooms, schools, and community.

•To include all voices and seek input from all stakeholders in the dialogue about education reform.

•To be active participants in the education of our children.

•To work diligently to provide a positive future for our children.

•To work together to continually improve our education system and our school districts.

I am extremely grateful for the efforts and input from staff, students, parents, and community members in making this school district great. My hope is that as we look to the “New Year” and a new semester, we focus on the above resolutions to make our school district even better in the future. I hope my list of New Year’s resolutions will include finding ways to make the above philosophies a part of making our school district even better in the future.

Once again, Happy New Year!

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