Wilbur-Ellis Grain Co. gives $2,000 to West River Health Services Mott Clinic renovations campaign

The Wilbur-Ellis Grain Co., Mott, ND, recently gave $2,000 to the West River Health Services (WRHS) Foundation for their “Mott Clinic Exam Room Renovations Campaign.” Once Derek Mayer, Branch Manager, heard of this campaign for improved health care in Mott, he spearheaded the effort by visiting with his corporate offices and obtaining the $2,000 gift. Every cent of their gift will go toward improvements to the Mott Clinic – absolutely nowhere else!


It all started over a year ago, when an anonymous Mott area resident gave $10,000 to the WRHS Foundation, earmarked specifically for improvements to the WRHS Mott Clinic. After meeting with WRHS CEO Jim Long and Mott Clinic Manager and Family Nurse Practitioner, Lori Hill, it was decided to renovate two of the four patient exam rooms at the Mott Clinic. With WRHS adding $5,000 to the anonymous $10,000 gift, these two rooms have been transformed into state-of-the-art 21st century patient exam rooms.

About a month or so ago, this same Mott area resident came to West River’s Foundation and offered another $5,000 for improvements to the remaining two patient exam rooms at the Mott Clinic – if the people of the Mott area would match half of the gifts – or $7,500! Of course, the WRHS Foundation agreed to do everything they could to make this happen.

A few weeks ago, the WRHS Foundation began a fundraising campaign to raise funds for renovations to two of the remaining patient exam rooms at the WRHS Mott Clinic. With help from Mark Resner and Aryn Dangerud at the Hettinger County Economic Development Office, the WRHS Foundation’s Director, Ted Uecker, began hitting the streets of Mott with the idea. Immediately the Mott City Council, led by President Troy Mosbrucker, got behind improving health care in Mott with a dollar for dollar match up to $5,000! The Commercial Bank of Mott, led by John Fiedler and his community-minded Board of Directors, gave $1,000; the Mott Bus Service sent $400; the Mott Lions stepped up with $250; and a few families have already joined with gifts ranging from $30-$100. Our goal is to raise $7,500; so we can receive $5,000 from the anonymous Mott area resident and another $5,000 from the Mott City Council.

Therefore, a “Mott Area Community Matching Challenge Meeting” has been set for Monday, January 18, 7:15 pm, at the Playhouse Theatre on Main Street in Mott. The WRHS Foundation will provide complimentary popcorn and pop to all attendees, as well as a chance to win awesome door prizes (including “Wildfire”t- shirts and sweatshirts from Olson’s Foods Inc., WRHS Recipe Books, WRHS commemorative MRI glass coffee mugs, etc.). Dr. Brian Willoughby and CEO Jim Long plan to be in attendance, in addition to most of our terrific staff at the WRHS Mott Clinic. This event will be an opportunity for the Mott area public to learn about the breadth of West River Health Services and especially about this Mott Area Community Matching Challenge for the WRHS Mott Clinic.

If you are unable to attend the community meeting on January 18, but would like to support the Mott Clinic Renovations Campaign, we have set up display kits with donor cards and envelopes at the WRHS Mott Clinic, the Commercial Bank of Mott, Mott Equity Exchange C-Store, Pheasant Café, Economy Drug, and Olson’s Foods Inc. It’s really easy to fill out the card, write a check to WRHSF, memo Mott Clinic, and drop it off at the Mott Clinic or send it to WRHSF, 1000 Highway 12, Hettinger, ND, 58639. No matter where you send it, you can rest assured that every single cent will go toward your local community’s Mott Clinic – nowhere else!  Even if we raise more funds than we need, the balance of the funds will all go toward the WRHS Mott Clinic – not to the WRHS Hettinger hospital or WRHS New England Clinic or anywhere else. If you have further questions about this campaign, you can always call Ted Uecker direct at 701-567-6187.

We hope to see all of you at the Mott Playhouse Theatre on Monday, January 18th. If nothing else, come enjoy the newly renovated Mott Theatre, including complimentary popcorn, pop, and door prizes. Although WRHS has stepped up with an Ambulance Appreciation Program (including prizes for each volunteer member of the Mott Ambulance squad); new digital x-ray equipment; and new computers and phone systems in the Mott Clinic this past year; we want to be an even more active part of the Mott area community. Please come join us to learn about your role in future improvements to the Mott Clinic. Let’s work together for the future of our rural health care.

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