Hewson happy with first season at Dakota College

When Taylor Hewson moved from her family farm by Amidon to attend college and play volleyball, she was hoping that Dakota College in Bottineau was going to be the right place for her. In late October, Hewson finished her first college volleyball season, and Dakota College has given Hewson that small town feel she was looking for.

Taylor Hewson just finished her freshman season as a starting outside hitter for the Dakota College LadyJacks. (Photo by Matthew Semisch)
Taylor Hewson just finished her freshman season as a starting outside hitter for the Dakota College LadyJacks. (Photo by Matthew Semisch)

“We’re so close, I wanted to go to DCB because it was a small school, and that is what I am used to. I know pretty much everyone, and in the dorms we’re a little family. I was hoping for that, and it turned out the way I hoped,” Hewson said.

Hewson, who was successful in high school as an outside hitter for the New England Tigers, started at the same position for the LadyJacks this season.

Since this was a rebuilding year for the volleyball team at Dakota College, the team featured only two returning sophomores, while the rest of the team was made up of freshman. Despite being young, they won this year than the previous one. Hewson is happy with the LadyJacks season, but  is looking forward to what her and her teammates can accomplish next year.

“I was pleased with the season, but I am really excited for next season. If we get the right recruits and if we get a big enough team where we can do a lot in practice we will be really good,” Hewson said.

With having her first season behind her, Hewson feels that she has improved her volleyball game since high school. Everything that she has learned, and the confidence that she has gained; it’s the driving force behind Hewson’s motivation to keep improving.

“I learned a lot, I think I improved a lot. I feel my hit has gotten harder, I have way more technique in my hit. Passing was a whole new thing for me, because passing in college is crazy. You are not only trying to focus on getting the perfect pass, your trying to get the pass up, and trying not to let the ball hit the floor. Because the hits are twice as hard and twice as fast, you’re just throwing your body to try and get that ball up,” Hewson said.

Not only is Hewson happy with the way her season went this year, but her head coach Allison Scherr is also pleased with her performance and what she brings to the team.

“I am glad she chose Bottineau. She started for us, played all the way around. She easily when we needed somebody to put the ball to the floor she was our go to. You could count on her. The consistency was key for her. I am excited for another year with her,” Scherr said.

While she was recruiting Hewson, Scherr noticed how well she played, but also the level of her work ethic and the leadership qualities she possess; those qualities are all evident on the game film that Scherr watched.

“You could see she was definitely the leader on her high school court. You always wonder well how will that carry over to the college level. I think it was eye opening for her to see that different level of competition, but after a few games she adjusted well. Definitely she played as I expected her to, if not a little bit better by the time she adjusted to the different level of play. She showed her skills very well,” Scherr said.

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