New school year, new superintendent: Mott-Regent opens year with new superintendent since ‘01

With the departure of Myron Schweitzer, the Mott-Regent Public School was left with a vacancy in the Superintendant’s office.


By COLE BENZ | Herald Editor |

With the departure of Myron Schweitzer, the Mott-Regent Public School was left with a vacancy in the Superintendant’s office.

Filling that vacancy is Elroy Burkle.

Burkle is from the Fredonia area and graduated from Gackle Public School. He attended North Dakota State University where he earned his undergraduate degree in Agricultural Education.

After 10 years of teaching he migrated over to the administrative side of education. Burkle has experience as principal, vocational director and superintendent.

He had been retired for the past year after reaching the rule of 85, and prior to that he served as superintendent in Napoleon for six years.

He interviewed with the Mott-Regent School Board as a part-time superintendent and was offered the job on an interim basis at the end of last school year. Right now his position is year-to-year at which time they will revisit the situation.

He is at the school for two and a half days, but he wanted the public to know that he is more than reachable and his schedule does have flexibility. When school started he was at the school all week.

“I’m always available, the office has my cell phone number, I check my emails regularly,” Burkle said.

His comfort level with the board and the area after his initial interview was something that attracted him to the position. Burkle said he had not worked in the western part of the state and he enjoys new experiences. He added that he has felt very welcomed by the people.

“The people have been very nice, very friendly very outgoing,” Burkle said. “So far this relationship has been very productive.”

Communication is important to Burkle and he believes in public relations.

“I believe in getting information out,” Burkle said.

Another new addition to the school that Burkle pushed forward was the installation of a new phone system. He credited the former superintendent for starting the efforts, saying that Schweitzer started the process but Burkle continued it when he was hired on.

The new system allows intercom access from any phone, which is especially important during an emergency. During a lockdown situation the teachers were forced to run across the hall to alert others. That wasn’t satisfying for Burkle.

“I want to credit Myron Schweitzer for getting that started, I just took the ball and kept running with it,” Burkle said.

Part of Burkle’s philosophy is making sure issues are dealt with; he wants to be able to give as much direction as possible. He also said he enjoys joking around but that it needs to be kept in a professional and respectful manner.

On a final note, Burkle said that the start of this school year was one of the most smoothest he has had in his 30 years as an educator.

“In my thirty-plus years of experience this year has been the best start of school that I’ve ever experienced,” Burkle said. “I’ve had some good ones, this has been by far the best.”

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