NE students wash cars for cash

The New England Band students held two car washes to raise money for their upcoming 2016 band trip to San Fransisco.


The first car wash started at 10 am Tuesday June 23 in New England in front of City Hall. The car wash was originally planned to go till the sun went down, however a thunderstorm moved thru the area which made the students having to close down early. The students took turns washing cars that day working in two different shifts; however a few of the kids worked the entire day. The second car wash was held on Saturday June 27, at the Pit Stop in Dickinson from 10 am to 4:00 pm.

At the Dickinson car wash not only did the kids wash vehicles, but one customer brought his Demolition Derby car to be washed and another customer had the students wash his motorcycle. Also in Dickinson the owner from Alpha Services Corporation stopped by and asked the students what organization they were with and what they were raising the money for. The business owner, who was not associated with the band students, was very generous and donated his truck with two big pressure washers with tanks filled with water and solution, and let the students use it for the rest of the day to wash vehicles.

“Without that storm of course we couldn’t have asked for two better days to do car washes on” says Music director Conway Heupel The students along with Heupel are making plans to have another car wash sometime in August after school starts.

“Probably one of the more fun fundraisers that we have done before, because they (the students) realize how much they are working for that money and how much their trying to earn by doing that” says Heupel

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