Fireworks and Fire Safety Reminders for Holiday Weekend

Recent hot, dry weather in many locations has resulted in increased fire danger. The Bureau of Land Management asks you to follow a few simple rules in order to safely enjoy your public lands over the Independence Day holiday weekend.

The use and possession of fireworks, exploding targets and luminaries with open flame are prohibited on lands administered by the BLM and other federal agencies. If you build a campfire or use a charcoal grill, remember to put it completely out after use. Avoid driving or riding through tall, dry grass, as hot exhaust systems and tailpipes can easily start a fire. Please check that the spark arrestor on chainsaws and other equipment is attached and working before use.

Remember, One Less Spark means One Less Wildlfire. The full text of the BLM Montana/ Dakotas Fire Prevention Order can be found online at go.usa. gov/3vJXw. For the latest BLM news and updates visit us on the web at www.blm. gov/mt, on Facebook at www.facebook. com/BLMMontana, or follow us on Twitter @BLM_MTDKs.

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